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QVNTS and unQVNTS seminar pages.

currently teaching:
    Math 353 (Graduate Topology)

office hours:
    Lord House, 207B, Friday 3:30

information for students:
    Letters of recommendation.
    Advice for studying Arithmetic Geometry: Emerton's Comment on Terry Tao's Blog,

about me:
I am an Assistant Professor at UVM. Before that I was a post-doc of Ehud Hrushovski and before that a student of Alexandru Buium.

My research is at the interface of Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry and Model Theory. My main areas of focus are arithmetic deformation theory and the geometry of differential equations.  I'm particularly interested in constructions related to absolute geometry which have diophantine applications. I am open to talking to anyone about any type of math so if you want to talk about something please send me an email.

Here is a link to my vlog.

Here is a picture of me:

Old News:
*I co-organized Witt Vectors, Deformations and Absolute Geometry, Summer 2018
*I co-organized Super QVNTS workshop on Anabelian Geometry and Kummer Classes.
*I co-organized a Special Session on Differential and Functional Equations for the 2016 Joint Mathematics Meetings.
*I co-organized a conference on Arithmetic and Algebraic Differentiation.
*I organized a special session on Arithmetic and Differential Algebraic Geometry for the 2014 Western Sectional Meeting in Albuquerque.
*I was at MSRI (Berkeley) for the program in Model Theory, Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory (Spring 2014)
*Slides from the
Witt Vectors, Lifting and Descent Special Session for the Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Diego can be found here.