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Systems Education in CEE

Service Learning



  • CE 175   Senior Design Project
    Comprehensive design projects will integrate the multiple areas of specialization in civil engineering. Student teams will prepare and present designs to professional review panels. Prerequisite: Senior standing in CE. Credits: 3.
  • CE 281   Geotechnical Design
    Subsurface explorations; bearing capacity, lateral earth pressures, slope stability; analysis and design of shallow and deep foundations, retaining structures, and slopes. Pre/co-requisites: CE 180. Credits: 3.
  • CE 3       Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Introduces Civil and Environmental Engineering through hands-on-design, group projects, inquiry-based learning, systems thinking, critical thinking, and computational exercises. Credits: 2
  • CE 132    Environment and Transport Sytems
    Introduction to systems thinking and the systems approach; ecological and transportation systems components, interactions, and relationships; feedback and emergent properties; systems modeling, management and economic evaluations. Pre/co-requisites: MATH 22, STAT 143 or concurrent. Credits: 3
  • CE 248     Hazardous Waste Management Engineering
    Management of hazardous and industrial waste from generation to disposal; emphasis on pollution prevention within industry; waste minimization, recovery, reuse, treatment technologies; environmental regulations, risk assessment, costs and public policy; group projects. Prerequisites: Senior standing in engineering or sciences. Credits:3

        Other courses that have had service learning projects within the last few years include:
        CE 10 Geomatics, CE 134 Modeling Environmental and Transportation Systems, CE 151 Water and wastewater         engineering, and other electives.
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