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Kathy Fox UVM prison program


UVM Students Learn About the Criminal Justice System from the Inside Out

When sociology major Emily Fixx ‘17 arrives for her 6 p.m. class on Monday, she leaves her keys, cellphone, and water bottle at the door and walks through a metal detector under the watchful eye of a correctional officer. This is not part of an extreme new measure to remove distractions from the classroom. It’s part of the ...

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Two Roads from EPJ Data Science


UVM Study Ranked Among 2017's Most Popular

A UVM research study, which discovered Instagram photos hold clues to aid in the early detection of depression, was one of the 20 most popular pieces of academic research in all of 2017, according to a new ranking.

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Pitching Products Produced by UVM Faculty, Local Entrepreneurs

One of the top ways to ruin a trade show, according to Entrepreneur Magazine: staff your booth with people who don’t understand all aspects of your product. There wasn't a trace of that potential pitfall at a December 6 trade show in the lobby of Kalkin Hall, where students representing multiple majors pitched products as part ...

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Students at Computer Science Fair, UVM 2017


Computing Power in Numbers

Improving response to humanitarian crises. Holding politicians accountable for their voting records. Sorting “fake news” from real headlines. Today’s world offers no shortage of daunting challenges; last Friday, 354 students presented their solutions to these issues and more in the form of 187 websites, apps, and programs.

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