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Kathy Fox UVM prison program


UVM Students Learn About the Criminal Justice System from the Inside Out

When sociology major Emily Fixx ‘17 arrives for her 6 p.m. class on Monday, she leaves her keys, cellphone, and water bottle at the door and walks through a metal detector under the watchful eye of a correctional officer. This is not part of an extreme new measure to remove distractions from the classroom. It’s part of the ...

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An aerial view of villagers standing in a circle


World Changer

Since 2010, Spark Microgrants has impacted more than 178 communities across five African nations. The non-profit works with citizens to help them identify their needs, bring them to fruition, and create a plan to sustain them. Measured in numbers, that’s more than 200,000 lives improved by projects that range from new schools to ...

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Faculty Feature: Angeline Chiu

When it comes to Shakespeare, Angeline Chiu isn't afraid to crack a joke. "You have to laugh at it. I think you have to have fun with it, or it becomes a dead letter." Case in point: The classics professor totes a plastic skull, a reference to Yorick from Hamlet, along to many of her classes. "If I could have my students learn ...

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Why Nanowires Lose Their Superpowers

If you cool a wire to a very low temperature—much colder than your freezer—something amazing happens: the electrons responsible for carrying the electrical current pair up and can flow forever without slowing down or producing heat.

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