Local Food Program:
Making the Most of Food - More Value, Less Waste

The typical Vermonter throws out up to one pound of food per day. This translates into about 960 food calories wasted per person each day, not to mention all the energy lost in growing, processing, transporting, and preparing the food which isn't eaten. For a family of four, that's the financial equivalent to letting up to $175 go down the drain every month.

Helpful Tips for Reducing Food Waste and Saving Money

Before you shop

  1. Check your fridge for what you've already got and what needs to be used up.
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  3. Move items with oldest dates upfront so you see and use them first. Keep a need-only list on fridge.
  4. Empty your veggie drawers.
  5. Salvage the less-than-perfect veggies including any carrots, celery, broccoli, and even lettuce for soup: Boil veggies in water or stock until soft. Add garlic, onion, hot sauce to taste. Blend until smooth.