Summer Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Dates

Deadlines for Summer 2016
SectionTitleAddDrop50% Refund25% RefundWithdrawCRN
ANNB 201 Z1Anatomy & Neurobiology: Human Gross AnatomyN/AN/A60292
ANPS 019 Z1Anatomy/Physiology: Ugr Hum Anatomy & PhysiologyN/AN/A60467
ANPS 020 Z1Anatomy/Physiology: Ugr Hum Anatomy & PhysiologyN/AN/A60468
ANTH 021 OL1Anthropology: D2: Cultural AnthropologyN/AN/A60130
ANTH 024 OL1Anthropology: D2: Prehistoric ArchaeologyN/AN/A60131
ANTH 026 OL1Anthropology: D2:Biological AnthropologyN/AN/A60132
ANTH 028 OL1Anthropology: D2: Linguistic AnthropologyN/AN/A60133
ANTH 040 OL1Anthropology: Parenting and ChildhoodN/AN/A60134
ANTH 095 OL1Anthropology: Gypsy RoadN/AN/A61804
ANTH 095 TR1Anthropology: Nepal: Changing CommunitiesN/AN/A61918
ANTH 095 Z2Anthropology: Introduction to Museum Studies61803
ANTH 104 OL1Anthropology: D2:Archaeology of the AmericasN/AN/A60135
ANTH 169 OL1Anthropology: D1: Latinos in the USN/AN/A60293
ANTH 195 OL1Anthropology: Languages of the WorldN/AN/A61808
ANTH 195 Z1Anthropology: Intro to Forensic AnthropologyN/AN/A61629
ANTH 195 Z3Anthropology: Bicycles, Globalization, & SusN/AN/A61810
ANTH 195 Z4Anthropology: Intro to Cultural LandscapesN/AN/A61811
ANTH 200 TR1Anthropology: Field Work in ArchaeologyN/AN/A61814
ARTH 005 Z1Art History: Western Art:Ancient - MedievalN/AN/A60089
ARTH 163 OL1Art History: Italian High and Late Ren ArtN/AN/A60588
ARTH 174 Z1Art History: 20th-Century ArtN/AN/A61782
ARTS 001 Z1Art Studio: DrawingN/AN/A60034
ARTS 001 Z2Art Studio: DrawingN/AN/A60589
ARTS 114 Z1Art Studio: Clay: Wheel ThrowingN/AN/A60430
ARTS 116 Z1Art Studio: Drawing From the FigureN/AN/A60431
ARTS 121 Z1Art Studio: PaintingN/AN/A60035
ARTS 132 Z1Art Studio: Printmaking: SilkscreenN/AN/A61728
ARTS 195 Z1Art Studio: Digital PhotographyN/AN/A61777
ASCI 134 BU1Animal Science: CREAMN/AN/A60451
ASCI 195 Z1Animal Science: Field ExperienceN/AN/A60452
ASCI 297 TR1Animal Science: You to the ZooN/AN/A60267
ASCI 297 TR2Animal Science: The HorseN/AN/A60443
ASCI 395 OL1Animal Science: One Health: ZoonosesN/AN/A61854
ASL 001 Z1American Sign Language: American Sign Language IN/AN/A60087
ASL 002 Z1American Sign Language: American Sign Language IIN/AN/A60102
ASL 051 OL1American Sign Language: American Sign Language IIIN/AN/A60404
ASL 195 Z2American Sign Language: Understanding Deaf CultureN/AN/A61770
ASTR 005 Z1Astronomy: Exploring the CosmosN/AN/A60032
ASTR 023 Z1Astronomy: Astr Lab I:Measuring the SkyN/AN/A60031
AT 155 Z1Athletic Training: Emergency Med. Response in ATN/AN/A60591
AT 190 Z1Athletic Training: Senior Seminar in AT IN/AN/A60592
AT 195 Z1Athletic Training: Clinical Experience in ATN/AN/A61795
BCOR 101 Z1BioCore: GeneticsN/AN/A60094
BCOR 103 Z1BioCore: Molecular and Cell BiologyN/AN/A60473
BIOC 195 Z1Biochemistry: Preparation for BiochemistryN/AN/A61462
BIOC 295 Z1Biochemistry: Medical BiochemistryN/AN/A61861
BIOL 001 Z1Biology: Principles of BiologyN/AN/A60073
BIOL 001 ZL1Biology: Principles of BiologyN/AN/A60074
BIOL 001 ZL2Biology: Principles of BiologyN/AN/A60075
BIOL 002 Z1Biology: Principles of BiologyN/AN/A60076
BIOL 002 ZL1Biology: Principles of BiologyN/AN/A60077
BIOL 002 ZL2Biology: Principles of BiologyN/AN/A60078
BIOL 003 Z1Biology: Human BiologyN/AN/A60093
BIOL 013 OL1Biology: Human Biology LaboratoryN/AN/A60411
BIOL 254 OL1Biology: Population GeneticsN/AN/A61732
BSAD 060 Z1Business Administration: Financial AccountingN/AN/A60062
BSAD 061 Z1Business Administration: Managerial AccountingN/AN/A60056
BSAD 096 Z1Business Administration: Business a Changing WorldN/AN/A61843
BSAD 120 Z1Business Administration: Leadership & Org BehaviorN/AN/A60057
BSAD 141 Z1Business Administration: Info,Technology & Bus SystemsN/AN/A60587
BSAD 150 Z1Business Administration: Marketing Management61844
BSAD 162 Z1Business Administration: Intermediate Accounting II61845
BSAD 180 Z1Business Administration: Managerial FinanceN/AN/A60060
BSAD 191 Z1Business Administration: Strategy and Competition61860
BSAD 265 OL1Business Administration: Accounting Information SystemsN/AN/A61869
BSAD 295 OL1Business Administration: Current Financial ReportingN/AN/A60119
CALS 085 Z1Agriculture & Life Science: Computer ApplicationsN/AN/A60444
CDAE 014 Z1Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: Visual Design Studio61750
CDAE 095 TR1Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: Ecol & Conserv in Costa RicaN/AN/A61852
CDAE 102 OL1Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: SU:Sustainable Community DevN/AN/A60627
CDAE 120 Z1Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: SL:Strategic Writing for PCOMN/AN/A60095
CDAE 127 OL1Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: Consumer,Markets&Public PolicyN/AN/A61370
CDAE 128 OL1Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: The Consumer & AdvertisingN/AN/A61745
CDAE 129 OL1Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: Communication LawN/AN/A60555
CDAE 195 Z1Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: College Media PracticumN/AN/A60281
CDAE 195 Z2Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: Intro to Basic Caribbean CookN/AN/A61826
CDAE 254 Z1Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: Microeconomics for Appl EconN/AN/A60306
CDAE 295 Z3Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: Data Mgmt & Analysis in ExcelN/AN/A60305
CDAE 295 Z4Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: Peace Corps Service AnaysisN/AN/A61857
CDAE 296 Z1Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: Field Experience/PracticumN/AN/A60129
CE 001 ACivil & Environmental Engr: StaticsN/AN/A60273
CEMS 095 Z2Engr & Math Sciences: Engineerng Design(Solid Works)N/AN/A60400
CEMS 095 Z3Engr & Math Sciences: Engineering Design(Solid WorksN/AN/A60543
CEMS 295 Z1Engr & Math Sciences: Engineering Dsgn for TeachersN/AN/A61063
CHEM 023 Z1Chemistry: Outline of General ChemistryN/AN/A61722
CHEM 025 Z1Chemistry: Outline of General ChemistryN/AN/A61723
CHEM 026 Z1Chemistry: Outline of Organic & BiochemN/AN/A60079
CHEM 028 Z1Chemistry: Outline of Organic & BiochemN/AN/A60274
CHEM 031 Z1Chemistry: General Chemistry 1N/AN/A60080
CHEM 032 Z1Chemistry: General Chemistry 2N/AN/A60081
CHEM 141 Z1Chemistry: Organic Chemistry 1N/AN/A60082
CHEM 142 Z1Chemistry: Organic Chemistry 2N/AN/A60083
CHIN 001 Z1Chinese: Elementary Chinese IN/AN/A60302
CLAS 042 Z1Classics: MythologyN/AN/A60406
CLAS 095 OL1Classics: The Roman EmpireN/AN/A61731
COMU 096 Z1College of Medicine Undergrad: Health & Medicine AcademyN/AN/A61848
COMU 096 Z2College of Medicine Undergrad: Health & Medicine AcademyN/AN/A61849
CRES 095 OL1Critical Race & Ethnic Stdies: Geography Race&Ethn in USN/AN/A61871
CRES 095 OL2Critical Race & Ethnic Stdies: Geography Race&Ethn in USN/AN/A61872
CRES 095 OL3Critical Race & Ethnic Stdies: Geography Raec&Ethn in USN/AN/A61873
CS 008 OL1Computer Science: Intro to Web Site Development60004
CS 021 OL1Computer Science: Computer Programming I: Python60005
CS 142 OL1Computer Science: Advanced Web Design60534
CSD 094 OL1Comm Sciences & Disorders: Dev of Spoken LanguageN/AN/A60152
CSD 101 OL1Comm Sciences & Disorders: Speech & Hearing ScienceN/AN/A61691
CSD 198 Z1Comm Sciences & Disorders: Undergraduate ResearchN/AN/A61689
CSD 198 Z2Comm Sciences & Disorders: Undergraduate ResearchN/AN/A61690
CSD 271 OL1Comm Sciences & Disorders: Introduction to AudiologyN/AN/A60126
CSD 272 OL1Comm Sciences & Disorders: Hearing RehabilitationN/AN/A60127
CSD 281 OL1Comm Sciences & Disorders: Cognitive NeuroscienceN/AN/A60128
CSD 281 Z2Comm Sciences & Disorders: Cognitive NeuroscienceN/AN/A61724
CSD 287 Z1Comm Sciences & Disorders: D2:Mindfulness&Helping SkillsN/AN/A60578
CSD 290 Z1Comm Sciences & Disorders: InternshipN/AN/A61688
CSD 323 Z1Comm Sciences & Disorders: Clinic Practicum Study 3N/AN/A60299
CSD 360 OL1Comm Sciences & Disorders: Rsch Methods Comm Disorders IN/AN/A60298
CTS 302 Z1Clinical&Translational Science: Quality in Health CareN/AN/A60317
CTS 302 Z2Clinical&Translational Science: Quality in Health CareN/AN/A60450
DNCE 005 OL1Dance: D2:Intro to World Dance CultN/AN/A60466
EC 011 OL1Economics: Principles of MacroeconomicsN/AN/A60038
EC 011 OL2Economics: Principles of MacroeconomicsN/AN/A60104
EC 011 OL3Economics: Principles of MacroeconomicsN/AN/A60084
EC 011 Z1Economics: Principles of MacroeconomicsN/AN/A60552
EC 012 OL1Economics: Principles of MicroeconomicsN/AN/A60039
EC 012 OL2Economics: Principles of MicroeconomicsN/AN/A61586
EC 012 OL3Economics: Principles of MicroeconomicsN/AN/A60085
EC 012 Z1Economics: Principles of MicroeconomicsN/AN/A60551
EC 040 OL1Economics: D2:Economics of GlobalizationN/AN/A60120
EC 040 OL2Economics: D2:Economics of GlobalizationN/AN/A60409
EC 095 Z1Economics: D1:Political Economy of RaceN/AN/A61903
EC 118 OL1Economics: History of Economic ThoughtN/AN/A60553
EC 120 OL1Economics: Money and BankingN/AN/A60040
EC 120 OL2Economics: Money and BankingN/AN/A60111
EC 133 OL1Economics: Economics Environmental PolicyN/AN/A60410
EC 195 OL1Economics: Comparative Economic SystemsN/AN/A61754
EDCI 200 BU1Curriculum & Instruction: CRESTN/AN/A61660
EDCI 200 OL4Curriculum & Instruction: Society, Stress and the BrainN/AN/A60515
EDCI 200 Z7Curriculum & Instruction: VT STEM Ldrshp Inst K-12 TeN/AN/A61674
EDCI 295 OL2Curriculum & Instruction: ePortfolios for Lrning&AssessmN/AN/A60464
EDCI 321 OL1Curriculum & Instruction: Learning, Design & TechnologyN/AN/A61344
EDCI 324 OL1Curriculum & Instruction: Assessment and TechnologyN/AN/A60322
EDCO 291 Z1Counseling: Happiness,Mindfulness& HlthN/AN/A60088
EDCO 291 Z2Counseling: Trauma Informed Care for C&FN/AN/A61757
EDCO 291 Z3Counseling: DBT: Origins & TheoryN/AN/A61768
EDCO 291 Z4Counseling: Treating Anxiety in Adol&AdultN/AN/A61781
EDCO 387 Z1Counseling: Therapeutic PsychopharmacologyN/AN/A60137
EDCO 389 Z1Counseling: Counseling InternshipN/AN/A60419
EDCO 394 OL1Counseling: Research Methods in CounselingN/AN/A60059
EDEL 177 OL1Elementary Education: Children's Lit & LiteracyN/AN/A60268
EDEL 187 Z1Elementary Education: Plan,Adapt,Deliv Lit InstructN/AN/A60454
EDEL 197 Z1Elementary Education: Readings & ResearchN/AN/A61831
EDFS 209 Z1Foundations: Intro to Research MethodsN/AN/A61829
EDHI 363 Z1Higher Education: Controversies of the AcademyN/AN/A60265
EDLI 277 Z1Library Science: Info Tech Schl Libr Media CtrsN/AN/A61780
EDLP 335 Z1Leadership and Policy Studies: Staff Evaluation & DevelopmentN/AN/A61776
EDLP 370 Z1Leadership and Policy Studies: Incident AnalysisN/AN/A61827
EDLP 397 Z1Leadership and Policy Studies: Independent StudyN/AN/A60278
EDML 200 SW1Middle Level Teacher Education: Embedded LiteracyN/AN/A60461
EDML 200 SW2Middle Level Teacher Education: Tech Young Adol & Lrng ConnWrlN/AN/A60321
EDML 200 SW3Middle Level Teacher Education: Brain Rsrch Imprve PedagogyN/AN/A60481
EDML 200 SW4Middle Level Teacher Education: Middle Schl is Not a BuildingN/AN/A60320
EDML 200 SW6Middle Level Teacher Education: Pers Lrng in the Middle GradesN/AN/A60527
EDML 200 SW7Middle Level Teacher Education: Mid Grades Lrnrs & TechnologyN/AN/A60524
EDML 200 SW8Middle Level Teacher Education: Nat&Needs of Young AdolescentsN/AN/A60525
EDML 200 SW9Middle Level Teacher Education: Middle Grades OrganizationN/AN/A60526
EDML 260 SW1Middle Level Teacher Education: Mid Grades Curric&InstructionN/AN/A60319
EDPE 055 OL1Physical Education-Prof: Careers in College AthleticsN/AN/A61921
EDPE 230 OL1Physical Education-Prof: Philosophy of CoachingN/AN/A60318
EDPE 267 OL1Physical Education-Prof: Sci Strength Training&CondtngN/AN/A60010
EDSC 207 Z1Secondary Education: Development:Theory & ApplctnN/AN/A60385
EDSP 200 Z1Special Education: Special Education LawN/AN/A61771
EDSP 200 Z2Special Education: Assistive Tech Across LifespanN/AN/A61917
EDSP 295 Z1Special Education: PracticumN/AN/A60432
EDSS 055 TR1Education: Gov Instit on Asian Cul-TravelN/AN/A60316
EE 100 Z1Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engr ConceptsN/AN/A60470
ENGS 001 OL1English: Written ExpressionN/AN/A60140
ENGS 001 OL2English: Written ExpressionN/AN/A60141
ENGS 001 OL3English: Written ExpressionN/AN/A61630
ENGS 001 Z1English: Written ExpressionN/AN/A60510
ENGS 001 Z2English: Written ExpressionN/AN/A60142
ENGS 021 OL1English: British Literature IN/AN/A60424
ENGS 022 OL1English: British Literature IIN/AN/A60425
ENGS 024 OL1English: American Literature IIN/AN/A60156
ENGS 030 OL1English: D1:Native American LiteratureN/AN/A60536
ENGS 040 OL1English: Tolkien's Middle EarthN/AN/A60294
ENGS 040 OL2English: The HobbitN/AN/A60538
ENGS 040 Z1English: Origins of Science FictionN/AN/A60539
ENGS 041 OL1English: Agatha ChristieN/AN/A61793
ENGS 042 Z1English: Women in LiteratureN/AN/A61794
ENGS 050 OL1English: Expository WritingN/AN/A60540
ENGS 051 OL1English: Memoir WritingN/AN/A61796
ENGS 051 OL2English: PlaywritingN/AN/A61797
ENGS 053 OL1English: Intro to Creative WritingN/AN/A60144
ENGS 053 OL2English: Intro to Creative WritingN/AN/A60421
ENGS 053 Z1English: Intro to Creative WritingN/AN/A60143
ENGS 057 OL1English: D1:Race&Ethnic Lit Stds:IntroN/AN/A60313
ENGS 057 OL2English: D1:Race&Ethnic Lit Stds:IntroN/AN/A60314
ENGS 057 OL3English: D1:Race&Ethnic Lit Stds:IntroN/AN/A60460
ENGS 057 OL4English: D1:Race&Ethnic Lit Stds:IntroN/AN/A61798
ENGS 081 OL1English: Structure of English LanguageN/AN/A60471
ENGS 081 OL2English: Structure of English LanguageN/AN/A60472
ENGS 086 OL1English: Critical Approaches to LitN/AN/A60423
ENGS 095 Z1English: Creative WritingN/AN/A61902
ENGS 113 Z1English: Films of Stephen KingN/AN/A60145
ENGS 113 Z2English: MurderMayhem:Detect Fic61799
ENGS 118 Z1English: Advanced Writing: FictionN/AN/A61819
ENGS 119 OL1English: Advanced Writing: PoetryN/AN/A60146
ENGS 173 OL1English: Contemporary Short FictionN/AN/A60541
ENGS 191 OL1English: InternshipN/AN/A61670
ENGS 193 TR1English: Literary LondonN/AN/A61821
ENGS 330 TR1English: Literary LondonN/AN/A61905
ENVS 156 JO1Environmental Studies: PermacultureN/AN/A60491
ENVS 183 OL1Environmental Studies: Env Impacts of ConsumerismN/AN/A61889
ENVS 188 OL1Environmental Studies: SU:Sustainability ScienceN/AN/A60508
ENVS 189 OL1Environmental Studies: SU: Intro to Systems ThinkingN/AN/A61890
ENVS 191 Z1Environmental Studies: InternshipN/AN/A61891
ENVS 195 JO1Environmental Studies: Permaculture PracticumN/AN/A60492
ENVS 195 Z2Environmental Studies: Bicyles Globalization & Sus61875
ENVS 195 Z3Environmental Studies: Queer EcologiesN/AN/A61892
ENVS 195 Z4Environmental Studies: Regional Desgin PermacultureN/AN/A61893
ENVS 195 Z5Environmental Studies: Plant-Based Healing MedicineN/AN/A61895
ENVS 195 Z7Environmental Studies: Env Litertaure Art MediaN/AN/A61915
ENVS 202 Z1Environmental Studies: Senior CapstoneN/AN/A61656
ENVS 202 Z2Environmental Studies: Senior CapstoneN/AN/A61657
ENVS 291 Z1Environmental Studies: InternshipN/AN/A61896
ENVS 294 OL1Environmental Studies: SL:Environmental EducationN/AN/A60475
ENVS 295 OL1Environmental Studies: D2: A Circumpolar WorldN/AN/A60610
ENVS 295 OL2Environmental Studies: Cars Culture MediaN/AN/A61898
ENVS 295 Z2Environmental Studies: Campus SustainabilityN/AN/A61897
ENVS 295 Z3Environmental Studies: Tropical Forest EcologyN/AN/A61908
ENVS 295 Z4Environmental Studies: Advanced AgroecologyN/AN/A61916
EXMS 242 OL1Exercise & Movement Science: Exercise and Sport PsychologyN/AN/A60125
EXMS 244 OL1Exercise & Movement Science: Nutrition for Health & FitnessN/AN/A60474
FOR 122 Z1Forestry: Forest Ecosystem AnalysisN/AN/A60044
FREN 001 Z2French: Elementary IN/AN/A60118
FREN 002 Z1French: Elementary IIN/AN/A60049
FS 395 Z1Food Systems: Ldrship for Sustnble Food SysN/AN/A60469
FTS 008 Z1Film & Television Studies: Dev Motion Pct II:1930-1960N/AN/A61823
FTS 009 OL1Film & Television Studies: History of TelevisionN/AN/A60446
FTS 096 Z1Film & Television Studies: Nantucket Film FestivalN/AN/A61824
FTS 122 Z1Film & Television Studies: Film/TV Genre and AuteurN/AN/A61064
GEOG 040 Z1Geography: Weather, Climate & LandscapesN/AN/A60269
GEOG 050 OL1Geography: D2:SU:World Regional GeogN/AN/A60566
GEOG 060 OL1Geography: D1:Geography/Race&Ethnic in USN/AN/A60055
GEOG 060 OL2Geography: D1:Geography/Race&Ethnic in USN/AN/A60147
GEOG 060 OL3Geography: D1:Geography/Race&Ethnic in USN/AN/A60512
GEOG 095 TR1Geography: Nepal: Changing CommunitiesN/AN/A61919
GEOG 195 Z1Geography: Queering Ecologies61727
GEOG 195 Z2Geography: Bicycles Globalization & SusN/AN/A61759
GEOL 001 Z1Geology: Earth System ScienceN/AN/A60001
GEOL 001 Z2Geology: Earth System ScienceN/AN/A60295
GEOL 007 Z1Geology: Earth HazardsN/AN/A60300
GEOL 055 Z1Geology: Environmental Geology61729
GEOL 095 Z1Geology: Governor's Institute on ESTN/AN/A60386
GEOL 095 Z2Geology: How The Earth WorksN/AN/A61687
GRNS 307 Z1Graduate Nursing: Practicum: Mental HealthN/AN/A61419
GRNS 307 Z2Graduate Nursing: Practicum: Mental HealthN/AN/A61420
GRNS 311 Z1Graduate Nursing: Practicum: ChildrenN/AN/A61421
GRNS 311 Z2Graduate Nursing: Practicum: ChildrenN/AN/A61422
GRNS 314 Z1Graduate Nursing: Public Health NursingN/AN/A61416
GRNS 315 Z1Graduate Nursing: Practicum: Public Health NursN/AN/A61417
GRNS 324 OL1Graduate Nursing: Theoretical Foundation Nsg SciN/AN/A61431
GRNS 340 OL1Graduate Nursing: Clinical Practicum for the CNLN/AN/A61432
GRNS 396 Z2Graduate Nursing: Clinical Skills for APRNN/AN/A61430
GRNS 400 OLRGraduate Nursing: Population-Based Hlth for APNN/AN/A61863
GRNS 422 Z1Graduate Nursing: DNP Project & Seminar IN/AN/A61582
GRNS 423 OL1Graduate Nursing: DNP Project Practicum IN/AN/A61583
GRNS 424 OL1Graduate Nursing: DNP Project & Seminar IIN/AN/A61864
GRNS 425 OL1Graduate Nursing: DNP Project Practicum IIN/AN/A61865
GRNS 426 OL1Graduate Nursing: DNP Project & Seminar IIIN/AN/A61867
GRS 001 OL1Global and Regional Studies: D2:Intro to Global StudiesN/AN/A60447
GRS 095 TR1Global and Regional Studies: Nepal: Changing CommunitiesN/AN/A61920
GRS 195 Z1Global and Regional Studies: Bicyles Globalization & SusN/AN/A61876
GSWS 001 OL1Gndr, Sexuality, & Wms Stdies: D2:Gender Sexuality Wmn's StdyN/AN/A61877
GSWS 179 OL1Gndr, Sexuality, & Wms Stdies: D2: EcofeminismN/AN/A60528
GSWS 195 Z1Gndr, Sexuality, & Wms Stdies: Queering Ecologies61874
HCOL 185 AHonors College: Eco Design Urban WatershN/AN/A60554
HDFS 065 OL1Human Development & Fam Stdies: Human Relationships&SexualityN/AN/A60097
HDFS 291 Z1Human Development & Fam Stdies: Special ProblemsN/AN/A61884
HDFS 291 Z2Human Development & Fam Stdies: Special ProblemsN/AN/A61885
HDFS 296 Z1Human Development & Fam Stdies: Field ExperienceN/AN/A61886
HDFS 296 Z2Human Development & Fam Stdies: Field ExperienceN/AN/A61887
HLTH 003 OL1Health: Medical TerminologyN/AN/A60121
HLTH 003 OL2Health: Medical TerminologyN/AN/A60514
HLTH 003 OL3Health: Medical TerminologyN/AN/A61868
HLTH 053 Z1Health: Emergency Medical Technician61878
HLTH 053 Z2Health: Emergency Medical TechnicianN/AN/A61879
HLTH 109 OL1Health: Energy MedicineN/AN/A61425
HLTH 141 OL1Health: Healing Touch Level 1N/AN/A60072
HLTH 155 OL1Health: D1:Racism & Health DisparitiesN/AN/A60479
HLTH 155 OL2Health: D1:Racism & Health DisparitiesN/AN/A60480
HLTH 195 TR1Health: Traditional Mongolian MedicineN/AN/A61880
HLTH 211 TR1Health: D2: Sustainable Dev Pub HlthN/AN/A61881
HLTH 295 Z1Health: Global Health Care DeliveryN/AN/A61888
HLTH 296 OL1Health: Ethics for Hlth Care ProfessnlN/AN/A60287
HLTH 296 TR1Health: Disability&Education in ChinN/AN/A61882
HSCI 102 OL1Health Sciences: Epidemics in Hist & ImaginatnN/AN/A61883
HST 009 OL1History: D2: Global History to 1500N/AN/A60422
HST 010 OL1History: D2: Global History Since 1500N/AN/A60033
HST 011 OL1History: US History to 1865N/AN/A60029
HST 012 OL1History: US History since 1865N/AN/A60030
HST 055 OL1History: D2:History of China and JapanN/AN/A60530
HST 072 OL1History: Graveyards,Tombs&UndertakersN/AN/A60304
HST 080 OL1History: The SixtiesN/AN/A60416
HST 080 OL2History: US Sports HistoryN/AN/A60417
HST 095 TR1History: Nepal: Changing CommunitiesN/AN/A61713
HST 118 OL1History: Postwar EuropeN/AN/A60418
HST 184 OL1History: Vermont HistoryN/AN/A60312
HST 195 OL1History: Civil War EraN/AN/A61914
HST 195 Z1History: Bicycles Globalization & SusN/AN/A61756
JAPN 010 Z1Japanese: Japanese-Daily CommunicationN/AN/A60288
LAT 001 OL1Latin: ElementaryN/AN/A60002
LAT 002 OL1Latin: Elementary LatinN/AN/A60003
LING 080 OL1Linguistics: Introduction to LinguisticsN/AN/A60043
LING 081 OL1Linguistics: Structure of English LanguageN/AN/A60429
LING 081 OL3Linguistics: Structure of English LanguageN/AN/A60435
LING 195 OL1Linguistics: Languages of the WorldN/AN/A61870
MAED 205 Z1Mathematics for Educators: Math as a Second LanguageN/AN/A61765
MAED 210 Z1Mathematics for Educators: Functions/Algebra for TeachingN/AN/A61766
MAED 225 Z1Mathematics for Educators: Number Theory for TeachersN/AN/A61784
MAED 235 Z1Mathematics for Educators: Calculus for Teachers IN/AN/A61785
MAED 295 Z1Mathematics for Educators: Advanced Special TopicsN/AN/A61788
MAED 300 Z1Mathematics for Educators: Statistics & Research IN/AN/A61786
MAED 310 Z1Mathematics for Educators: Statistics & Research IIIN/AN/A61787
MATH 009 OL1Mathematics: College AlgebraN/AN/A60290
MATH 010 OL2Mathematics: Pre-Calculus MathematicsN/AN/A60513
MATH 017 Z1Mathematics: Applications of Finite MathN/AN/A61859
MATH 019 OL2Mathematics: Fundamentals of Calculus IN/AN/A60289
MATH 019 Z3Mathematics: Fundamentals of Calculus IN/AN/A60456
MATH 019 Z4Mathematics: Fundamentals of Calculus IN/AN/A60505
MATH 020 OL3Mathematics: Fundamentals of Calculus IIN/AN/A60307
MATH 020 Z1Mathematics: Fundamentals of Calculus IIN/AN/A60153
MATH 020 Z2Mathematics: Fundamentals of Calculus IIN/AN/A61443
MATH 021 Z2Mathematics: Calculus IN/AN/A60308
MATH 021 Z3Mathematics: Calculus IN/AN/A61439
MATH 022 Z2Mathematics: Calculus IIN/AN/A60309
MATH 022 Z3Mathematics: Calculus IIN/AN/A61438
MATH 022 Z4Mathematics: Calculus IIN/AN/A61900
MATH 022 Z5Mathematics: Calculus IIN/AN/A61901
MATH 121 Z1Mathematics: Calculus IIIN/AN/A60310
MATH 124 Z1Mathematics: Linear AlgebraN/AN/A60054
MATH 183 OL1Mathematics: Fundamentals of Financial MathN/AN/A60436
MATH 271 Z1Mathematics: Adv Engineering MathematicsN/AN/A61440
ME 012 Z1Mechanical Engineering: DynamicsN/AN/A60463
ME 014 Z1Mechanical Engineering: Mechanics of SolidsN/AN/A61441
ME 040 Z1Mechanical Engineering: ThermodynamicsN/AN/A60272
ME 042 Z1Mechanical Engineering: Applied ThermodynamicsN/AN/A61642
ME 143 Z1Mechanical Engineering: Fluid MechanicsN/AN/A60391
MLRS 095 Z1Medical Lab & Radiation Sci: Intro to Medical Diagnostics61783
MMG 101 Z1Micr & Molecular Genetics: Microbiol & Infectious Disease60441
MU 005 OL1Music: D1: Intro to Jazz HistoryN/AN/A60018
MU 005 OL2Music: D1: Intro to Jazz HistoryN/AN/A60388
MU 009 Z1Music: Music Theory FundamentalsN/AN/A60567
MU 010 OL1Music: D1: Blues and Related TraditnsN/AN/A60978
MU 015 OL1Music: History of Rock and RollN/AN/A60022
MU 015 Z2Music: History of Rock and RollN/AN/A60024
MU 021 Z1Music: Beginning Group LessonsN/AN/A61802
MU 060 Z1Music: Intro to Music TechnologyN/AN/A61801
MU 096 TR1Music: Aesthetics of Live PerformanceN/AN/A61825
MU 195 Z1Music: Recording Techniques IN/AN/A61800
NFS 043 OL1Nutrition and Food Sciences: Fundamentals of NutritionN/AN/A60465
NFS 043 OL2Nutrition and Food Sciences: Fundamentals of NutritionN/AN/A60041
NFS 043 OL3Nutrition and Food Sciences: Fundamentals of NutritionN/AN/A60509
NFS 063 OL1Nutrition and Food Sciences: Obesity,Weight Control&FitnessN/AN/A60434
NFS 073 Z1Nutrition and Food Sciences: D2:Farm to Table:Our Food SysN/AN/A60609
NFS 095 OL3Nutrition and Food Sciences: The Science of Energy BalanceN/AN/A60098
NFS 143 Z1Nutrition and Food Sciences: Nutrition in the Life CycleN/AN/A60577
NFS 163 OL1Nutrition and Food Sciences: Sports NutritionN/AN/A60459
NFS 195 Z1Nutrition and Food Sciences: Current Issues on Food&CookingN/AN/A61899
NFS 203 Z1Nutrition and Food Sciences: Food MicrobiologyN/AN/A61744
NFS 243 OL1Nutrition and Food Sciences: Advanced NutritionN/AN/A61742
NFS 253 OL1Nutrition and Food Sciences: Food RegulationN/AN/A61743
NFS 295 TR1Nutrition and Food Sciences: Mediterranean Food & CultureN/AN/A61746
NMT 296 Z1Nuclear Medicine Technology: CT Internship IS: Part IN/AN/A61753
NMT 296 Z2Nuclear Medicine Technology: CT Internship IS: Part 2N/AN/A61755
NR 095 Z1Natural Resources: Neighborhood EcologyN/AN/A61912
NR 143 OL1Natural Resources: Intro to Geog Info SystemsN/AN/A60045
NSCI 198 Z1Neuroscience: Intermediate Readings&ResearchN/AN/A60390
NSCI 198 Z2Neuroscience: Intrmd Readings & ResearchN/AN/A60522
NSCI 198 Z3Neuroscience: Intrmd Readings & ResearchN/AN/A61677
NSCI 198 Z4Neuroscience: Intrmd Readings & ResearchN/AN/A61678
NSCI 198 Z5Neuroscience: Intrmd Readings & ResearchN/AN/A61679
NSCI 198 Z6Neuroscience: Intrmd Readings & ResearchN/AN/A61680
NSCI 198 Z7Neuroscience: Intrmd Readings & ResearchN/AN/A61681
NSCI 198 Z8Neuroscience: Intrmd Readings & ResearchN/AN/A61682
NSCI 295 Z1Neuroscience: Neuroregeneration61711
PA 206 OL1Public Administration: Intro Cont Public AffairsN/AN/A61858
PA 303 Z1Public Administration: Research & Evaluation Methods61733
PA 323 Z1Public Administration: Non-Profit AdministrationN/AN/A61735
PA 380 Z1Public Administration: InternshipN/AN/A60006
PA 395 Z1Public Administration: Peace Corps Service AnalysisN/AN/A60009
PA 395 Z2Public Administration: Multicultural Leadership61734
PA 397 Z2Public Administration: Readings & ResearchN/AN/A61738
PA 397 Z3Public Administration: Readings & ResearchN/AN/A60008
PBIO 006 Z1Plant Biology: The Green WorldN/AN/A60066
PBIO 095 Z1Plant Biology: Plants on the MoveN/AN/A61836
PBIO 109 Z1Plant Biology: Plant SystematicsN/AN/A60067
PBIO 177 Z1Plant Biology: Biology of FungiN/AN/A61464
PBIO 185 Z1Plant Biology: Survey of BiochemistryN/AN/A60068
PBIO 187 Z1Plant Biology: Survey of Biochemistry: LabN/AN/A60150
PBIO 187 Z2Plant Biology: Survey of Biochemistry: LabN/AN/A60151
PBIO 195 Z1Plant Biology: Medicinal PlantsN/AN/A61837
PBIO 195 Z2Plant Biology: Biological InvasionsN/AN/A61838
PBIO 197 Z1Plant Biology: Undergrad ResearchN/AN/A61641
PBIO 295 Z1Plant Biology: Biological InvasionsN/AN/A61648
PH 301 OL1Public Health: Public Health & Health PolicyN/AN/A60122
PH 302 OL1Public Health: Epidemiology IN/AN/A60599
PH 303 OL1Public Health: Biostatistics I:App Rsch in PHN/AN/A60600
PH 305 OL1Public Health: Pol,Org & Finance in Hlth CareN/AN/A60428
PH 392 OL1Public Health: Culminating Project ExperienceN/AN/A60626
PH 395 OL1Public Health: One Health: ZoonosesN/AN/A61853
PH 395 OL2Public Health: Health EconomicsN/AN/A61855
PH 395 OL3Public Health: Improving Hlth of Patients&PopN/AN/A61856
PHIL 010 OL2Philosophy: Intro to Phil: Selected PrblemN/AN/A60426
PHIL 010 Z1Philosophy: Intro to Phil: EthicsN/AN/A60139
PHIL 010 Z2Philosophy: On the Meaning of LifeN/AN/A60583
PHIL 013 Z1Philosophy: Introduction to LogicN/AN/A60535
PHRM 301 Z1Pharmacology: Medical PharmacologyN/AN/A60092
PHRM 302 Z1Pharmacology: Pharmacological TechniquesN/AN/A61774
PHRM 302 Z2Pharmacology: Pharmacological TechniquesN/AN/A61772
PHRM 373 Z2Pharmacology: Readings in PharmacologyN/AN/A61773
PHRM 373 Z3Pharmacology: Readings in PharmacologyN/AN/A61775
PHYS 011 Z1Physics: Elementary PhysicsN/AN/A60011
PHYS 012 Z1Physics: Elementary PhysicsN/AN/A60012
PHYS 021 Z1Physics: Introductory Lab IN/AN/A60013
PHYS 021 Z2Physics: Introductory Lab IN/AN/A60014
PHYS 022 Z1Physics: Introductory Lab IIN/AN/A60015
PHYS 022 Z2Physics: Introductory Lab IIN/AN/A60016
PHYS 030 Z1Physics: Physics Problem Solving IN/AN/A60017
PHYS 030 Z2Physics: Physics Problem Solving IN/AN/A60511
PHYS 031 Z1Physics: Physics for Engineers IN/AN/A60096
PHYS 031 Z2Physics: Physics for Engineers IN/AN/A60504
PHYS 096 Z1Physics: Physics PreparatoryN/AN/A61655
PHYS 123 Z1Physics: Physics Problem Solving IIN/AN/A61769
PHYS 125 Z1Physics: Physics for Engineers IIN/AN/A60019
POLS 021 OL1Political Science: American Political SystemN/AN/A60569
POLS 021 OL2Political Science: American Political SystemN/AN/A61806
POLS 021 OL3Political Science: American Political SystemN/AN/A60571
POLS 041 OL1Political Science: Intro to Political TheoryN/AN/A60026
POLS 051 OL1Political Science: Intro International RelationsN/AN/A61807
POLS 071 OL1Political Science: Comparative Political SystemsN/AN/A61809
POLS 121 OL1Political Science: Law & PoliticsN/AN/A61815
POLS 123 OL1Political Science: The Vermont Political SystemN/AN/A61816
POLS 137 Z1Political Science: Politics and The Media61812
POLS 139 OL1Political Science: Public Policy:Tools&ProcessesN/AN/A61817
POLS 151 Z1Political Science: American Foreign PolicyN/AN/A60149
POLS 157 OL1Political Science: D2:Int'l Politics Middle EastN/AN/A60091
POLS 160 OL1Political Science: International DevelopmentN/AN/A60296
POLS 192 Z1Political Science: InternshipN/AN/A60028
POLS 196 OL1Political Science: Cyber Policy and ConflictN/AN/A60570
PRNU 113 Z1Professional Nursing: Health AssessmentN/AN/A60377
PRNU 113 Z2Professional Nursing: Health AssessmentN/AN/A60378
PRNU 263 OL1Professional Nursing: Prof Nursing Pract&Soc JusticeN/AN/A60407
PRNU 263 OL2Professional Nursing: Prof Nursing Pract&Soc JusticeN/AN/A60408
PRNU 266 OL1Professional Nursing: Theories for Nursing PracticeN/AN/A61406
PRNU 266 OL2Professional Nursing: Theories for Nursing PracticeN/AN/A61410
PRT 188 TR1Parks, Recreation and Tourism: Introduction to MountaineeringN/AN/A60608
PSS 095 Z1Plant & Soil Science: Hydroponics for Home GardenersN/AN/A61434
PSS 096 OL1Plant & Soil Science: Herb Growing, Design, & UseN/AN/A61841
PSS 154 BU1Plant & Soil Science: Composting Ecology & MgmtN/AN/A60291
PSS 156 JO1Plant & Soil Science: PermacultureN/AN/A60025
PSS 161 Z1Plant & Soil Science: SU:Fundmntls of Soil ScienceN/AN/A61842
PSS 195 JO1Plant & Soil Science: Permaculture PracticumN/AN/A61840
PSS 196 OL1Plant & Soil Science: Create & Design Flower GardensN/AN/A60027
PSS 209 BU1Plant & Soil Science: Sustainable Farm PracticumN/AN/A60415
PSYS 001 Z1Psychological Science: Intro to Psychological Science61702
PSYS 001 Z2Psychological Science: Intro to Psychological ScienceN/AN/A61718
PSYS 001 Z3Psychological Science: Intro to Psychological ScienceN/AN/A61719
PSYS 001 Z4Psychological Science: Intro to Psychological ScienceN/AN/A61720
PSYS 053 Z3Psychological Science: Research MethodsN/AN/A61717
PSYS 053 Z4Psychological Science: Research MethodsN/AN/A61751
PSYS 054 Z2Psychological Science: Statistics for Psych SciN/AN/A61716
PSYS 111 Z1Psychological Science: Learning, Cognition & Behavior61696
PSYS 115 OL1Psychological Science: Biopsychology61714
PSYS 115 OL2Psychological Science: BiopsychologyN/AN/A61715
PSYS 115 Z1Psychological Science: Biopsychology61701
PSYS 130 Z1Psychological Science: Social Psychology61707
PSYS 150 Z1Psychological Science: Developmental Psych: ChildhoodN/AN/A61697
PSYS 170 Z1Psychological Science: Abnormal Psychology61698
PSYS 170 Z2Psychological Science: Abnormal PsychologyN/AN/A61699
PSYS 196 OL1Psychological Science: Psych of Everday LifeN/AN/A61737
PSYS 211 Z1Psychological Science: LearningN/AN/A61730
PSYS 240 OL1Psychological Science: Organizational PsychologyN/AN/A61721
PSYS 270 Z1Psychological Science: Behav Disorders of Childhood61692
PSYS 271 Z1Psychological Science: Intro to Clinical Psychology61695
PSYS 274 OL1Psychological Science: Advanced Behavior ChangeN/AN/A61704
PSYS 279 Z1Psychological Science: Intro to Health Psychology61705
PT 302 Z1Physical Therapy: Quality in Health CareN/AN/A60136
PT 302 Z2Physical Therapy: Quality in Health CareN/AN/A60449
PT 319 Z1Physical Therapy: Movt Sci 2: Lifespan Mtr DevelN/AN/A61834
PT 349 Z1Physical Therapy: Patient Mgt:Musculoskeletal 2N/AN/A61835
PT 352 TR1Physical Therapy: Intl Manual Therapy CollabN/AN/A60448
PT 360 Z1Physical Therapy: Integrated Patient Mgmt SemN/AN/A61839
PT 370 Z1Physical Therapy: Clinical Internship 1N/AN/A60376
REL 021 OL1Religion: D2: Intro Rel:Asian TraditionsN/AN/A60584
REL 085 Z1Religion: On the Meaning of LifeN/AN/A60585
REL 195 Z1Religion: Rel Perspctve - SustainabilityN/AN/A61758
RMS 157 OL1Rehabilitation & Movement Sci: Prevention & Care Athletic InjN/AN/A60138
SOC 001 Z1Sociology: Introduction to SociologyN/AN/A61683
SOC 014 OL1Sociology: Deviance & Social ControlN/AN/A60020
SOC 019 Z1Sociology: D1: Race Relations in the USN/AN/A60021
SOC 101 OL1Sociology: Developm't Sociological TheoryN/AN/A60023
SOC 115 Z1Sociology: CrimeN/AN/A61684
SOC 119 OL1Sociology: D1: Race & EthnicityN/AN/A61685
SOC 154 Z1Sociology: Social Org of Death & DyingN/AN/A60533
SOC 216 Z1Sociology: Criminal JusticeN/AN/A61686
SPAN 001 Z1Spanish: Elementary IN/AN/A60051
SPAN 001 Z2Spanish: Elementary IN/AN/A61726
SPAN 002 Z1Spanish: Elementary IIN/AN/A60052
SPAN 002 Z2Spanish: Elementary IIN/AN/A61910
SPAN 051 Z1Spanish: Intermediate IN/AN/A60437
SPAN 140 Z1Spanish: Analyzing Hispanic Literatures61747
SPCH 011 OL1Speech: Effective SpeakingN/AN/A60596
SPCH 011 Z1Speech: Effective SpeakingN/AN/A60048
SPCH 011 Z2Speech: Effective SpeakingN/AN/A60103
STAT 051 OL1Statistics: Probability With StatisticsN/AN/A61760
STAT 111 OL1Statistics: Elements of StatisticsN/AN/A61762
STAT 111 Z1Statistics: Elements of Statistics61761
STAT 141 OL1Statistics: Basic Statistical Methods61789
STAT 141 OL2Statistics: Basic Statistical MethodsN/AN/A61790
STAT 141 Z1Statistics: Basic Statistical Methods61763
STAT 141 Z2Statistics: Basic Statistical MethodsN/AN/A61866
STAT 151 OL1Statistics: Applied ProbabilityN/AN/A61791
STAT 183 OL1Statistics: Statistics for BusinessN/AN/A61792
SURG 194 Z1Surgery: Undergraduate ResearchN/AN/A61676
SWSS 200 OL1Social Work: Death, Dying and BereavementN/AN/A60594
SWSS 296 TR1Social Work: Social Work in Global ContextN/AN/A60297
SWSS 380 OL1Social Work: Perspectives in Social WorkN/AN/A60042
SWSS 380 Z2Social Work: SL:Social Work with RefugeesN/AN/A60311
SWSS 380 Z3Social Work: TSW in Age of IndividualismN/AN/A61805
THE 010 Z1Theatre: Acting I: Intro to ActingN/AN/A60453
THE 195 TR1Theatre: Aesthetics of Live PerformanceN/AN/A61830
WFB 013 Z1Wildlife & Fisheries Biology: Intro to Wildlife TrackingN/AN/A61913
WFB 131 BU1Wildlife & Fisheries Biology: Field OrnithologyN/AN/A60046
WFB 150 BU1Wildlife & Fisheries Biology: Wldlf Habitat & Pop MeasrmntN/AN/A60047
WFB 224 OL1Wildlife & Fisheries Biology: Conservation BiologyN/AN/A61424
WLIT 018 Z1World Literature: Tolstoy?s Anna KareninaN/AN/A61740
WLIT 116 Z1World Literature: D1:Latino Writers US:Cont Pers61779
WLIT 118 Z1World Literature: Tolstoy's Anna KarenineN/AN/A61741
WLIT 195 OL1World Literature: Japanese Contemporary FictionN/AN/A60477