Summer Medical 

The University of Vermont’s Summer Medical Program in Burlington, VT, allows medical students to catch up or get ahead on their studies by taking four- to six-week courses in the medical sciences. The program also draws undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate students interested in summer premedical programs…more.

Healthcare Management

The University of Vermont’s Certificate in Healthcare Management can provide you with the skills to become a successful leader in navigating this rapidly changing healthcare environment. You may come to the program with or without experience as a manager or clinician; you’ll leave with an invaluable base of knowledge and skills to position you for leadership…more.

Complimentary Healthcare

Complementary therapies are holistic healing practices used in conjunction with traditional Western medicine. Complementary therapies include a spectrum of interventions that are often, but not always, preventative in nature. Such interventions are of growing interest to conventional health care practitioners as well as their patients. A study in the Journal of American Medical Association (Vol. 164 No. 9, May 10, 2004) shows that almost 42% of adult patients use some form of complementary therapy…more.

Biomedical Equipment Technology

UVM’s 12-credit Biomedical Equipment Technology Sequence can provide you with a fast track to becoming a biomedical equipment technician – or improve your chances of advancing in your current healthcare career as a nurse or technologist…more.


The new curriculum will reflect the profound demographic changes occurring in society today. In depth studies of the sociological, psychological, and biological aspects of aging plus topics such as nutrition and aging, public policy, leisure and retirement and older worker issues will be featured…more.


Public Health

Public health issues are growing increasingly complex. The population is aging, demographics are shifting, new diseases are surfacing and chronic conditions are increasing. At the same time, healthcare costs continue to escalate, and access remains at the forefront of political debate…more.