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How are internships filled? Do I need to find an internship prior to taking Business Savvy?
Students are not required to find an internship prior to taking this course. Paid internships are available through UVM’s partnership with Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. Students must interview for these positions. More information about the VBSR Internships>>

Are there any prerequisites I need to have taken before Business Savvy?
There are no prerequisite courses for this course. Pre/co-requisites: Non-BSAD majors only; junior, senior, or recent graduate standing; minimum GPA = 2.5 or instructor permission.

How do I park on campus for Business Savvy?
Commuter and residential summer students can obtain parking permits through UVM Student Parking Services.

What do students do for housing at UVM during Business Savvy?
UVM offers Summer Academic Housing. More details>>

I’m a recent liberal arts graduate who is looking for employment. Is Business Savvy appropriate for me?
Yes, recent graduates with a degree in any field can benefit from Business Savvy. If it has been several years since you graduated, and you’ve already had some experience in the business world, you should discuss your individual situation with an advisor by calling (800) 639–3210 or (802) 656–2085.

I’m thinking of enrolling in an MBA or some type of graduate business program. (My degree is in psychology.) Would Business Savvy help prepare me for graduate school?
While Business Savvy is not designed to help you with specific prerequisites for graduate school, it would give you an opportunity to explore your interest in business. This intensive experience may assist you in deciding whether to pursue graduate study in the field of business. Business Savvy acquaints you with specific business functions and concepts and helps you acquire an integrated, multi–dimensional understanding of business.

Although I’m only in my first year of college, I’m 22 years old and worked for several years before enrolling full-time. Is Business Savvy for someone like me?
Your background, experiences and readiness to benefit from this type of program will depend on several factors besides your class year: A certain level of maturity is key to taking advantage of the small–group activities. Because of your life experience, Business Savvy might be very appropriate. Talk it over with an advisor by calling (800) 639–3210 or (802) 656–2085.

When you arrive on campus, visit UVM Student Parking Services at 38 Fletcher Place, Burlington, VT 05405 (map)