Arts and English

Art, Music, Theater, Dance and more, our programming meets the interests of the part-time learner, including high school students, UVM and visiting students, educators and professionals. Many of our courses fulfill Diversity and Fine Arts requirements for UVM Students. [read more]


Many students find that summer is the best time to take a difficult science course, focusing more intensely on just one class, paired with the attention of an instructor teaching a smaller class. [read more]

International Students

Many international students find the University of Vermont an ideal setting for a summer experiences. In fact, during the academic year, students come to the university from more than 50 countries. UVM offers open enrollment to visiting students. There are no special admissions requirements. All students must be able to do university-level work. While completion of summer courses does result in a UVM transcript, attending Summer Session does not constitute admission to the University. [read more]

Internships and Careers

Participating in an internship is an excellent way to apply theory learned in the classroom to a practical workplace setting, enhancing your overall learning experience, while providing an opportunity for career networking. Internships develop work related experience to establish connections that build a solid network and can even lead to a permanent position! [read more]

Summer Courses for Athletes

If you are a student-athlete you know how important it is to maintain your GPA and achieve in your sport. Through Summer University at UVM, you can catch up or get ahead with required courses and electives, online or on-campus. [read more]

Visiting Students

Summer University welcomes visiting students to the University of Vermont with courses and programs to help students make progress in or enhance their degrees. Summer is an opportunity to take courses with nationally recognized UVM faculty and one of the best seasons to experience nature's playground of the Burlington, Vermont area. [read more]


Education never ends, particularly for educators and those hoping to become educators. As the world continues to change, educators must be prepared for the future and to serve students with diverse needs and learning sty...more..

Agriculture and Food

Whether you are searching for a course to fulfill your academic or professional needs, Summer University has courses to expand your knowledge. If you’re considering a Master’s degree or need a body of knowledge in a ...more..


Summer Medical  The University of Vermont’s Summer Medical Program in Burlington, VT, allows medical students to catch up or get ahead on their studies by taking four- to six-week courses in the medical sciences. The...more..



Teach English as a Foreign Language

Our teacher training course will provide you with the skills and qualifications needed to succeed as an English teacher at home or abroad. UVM’s TEFL/TESOL Training Program offers features that distinguish the program from others. [read more]