Things to Know Before you Go

The information in these sections is a valuable resource to help you plan ahead for your trip to Dublin. Please go through each section carefully.

We expect students to conduct themselves with a high standard of behavior while on the program. This is to ensure your safety and security. The rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Failure to abide by them will result in expulsion from the program at your own expense. Students expelled from the program will not receive a certificate of completion. Students are expected to attend all class sessions, events and activities. Certificates of completion will not be given to students who miss one or more of the above.


If you don’t already have your passport, you’ll need to apply for one to travel to Dublin. Processing times can vary depending on workload and occasional unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters. During busier times, such as the summer travel season, customers are encouraged to expedite their applications if traveling in less than 10 weeks. The cost of your U.S. passport will depend on the type of passport you request and how quickly you need it.
The U.S. State Department provides passport information and forms online.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that students travel with University of Vermont (UVM) faculty and staff as UVM has made group air arrangements for this course. However, UVM is not responsible for costs associated with these airline tickets in the event of the course being cancelled for any reason. For details on the group travel arrangements, please contact Angie Atkinson at or by calling her at 802-872-5644.

Students are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance through Angie (or an independent provided) when airfare is purchased. This insurance will apply in the event that students must withdraw from the course due to personal reasons, or in the event that the course is canceled for safety reasons (including, but not limited to, a natural disaster, acts of terrorism or political instability). Adding “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance is strongly recommended and this must be added no later than 14 days from the date of your flight.

Medical Insurance

International Health Insurance coverage is required of all students who wish to take part in this program. Many insurance plans have international coverage. Please contact your provider for further details. If you do not have International Health Insurance, you MUST purchase to participate in this trip. You will need to provide this information to UVM in the electronic pre-departure forms you will fill out before traveling.

For your convenience, below is a list of medical insurance providers. This information is provided as a service to students and should not be viewed as an endorsement by UVM of any insurance company or plan. Please the insurance company for plan details and the most current information about eligibility, costs, and benefits.

Medical Insurance Companies:
Access America
CSA Travel Protection
HTH Worldwide
MH Ross
Seven Corners
Travel Insured International, Inc.
Travel Guard
Total Travel Insurance

You should bring a copy of your acceptance letter to the Summer High School Program in your hand luggage in case immigration officials request to see a copy.

Students under 18 travelling without a parent/guardian

If you are arriving in Ireland without your parent/guardian, you must have a letter from your parent authorizing you to participate in the program for immigration officials at the airport. We advise parents to use the following text:

To whom it may concern:

I authorize my son/daughter, _________________(name, passport number) to participate in the UCD Summer High School Program. Students will be living on UCD’s campus during the period of 10 July 2014 to 25 July 2014 inclusive. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Holt at UCD International, Tel: 01 716 8469.
Parent Name

Please book your flight via Accent Travel – Angie (a group flight rate has been arranged) to arrive in Dublin on the morning of July 10th. UCD has arranged for a Coach bus to pick you up at the airport. Please also advise us of your departure details if you are not flying back with your group so we have everyone accounted for. If you are not flying back to your country of origin on the 25th, your parents must notify the UCD Summer High School Program in writing of your plans.


Orientation will take place at 5 p.m. on July 10, and will last until about 10 p.m. We will be having dinner, getting to know each other and going on a campus tour. We will also be going over the format of the program and the timetable.


All meals are provided on the program. Breakfast is served from 8 am in the Main UCD Restaurant (location 25/51 on the map). Lunch and dinner will be served at varying times in accordance with the schedule. There is also a small grocery store located at the Merville Residences on campus.

UCD Residences

Students will be housed in single-sex apartments in the UCD Residences. Rooms are single occupancy with an ensuite bathroom. There is a shared kitchen and common area for socializing. Please note that while there is wireless internet access in all of the residences, there are no phones available. We advise students to bring their own cell phones.

Bed linens, one pillow and one towel will be provided in your room.

There are laundry facilities at the residences, located at Glenomena. Students can pay in cash or they can load money on to their room key, which can also be used to pay for laundry. Students can load funds on to their key card at the Merville Residences reception, which is located at number 37 on the campus map.

The Residential Adviser (RA) will be available from 9 p.m. to 7.30 a.m. to assist you with any queries which may arise during this time. The RA’s room location will be adjacent to yours and further details will be provided at orientation. 

  • Laptop is required.
  • Good walking/hiking shoes are a must, there will be a lot of walking and hiking tours.
  • Layers of clothing. Weather in Ireland is always unpredictable & often rainy.
  • Bring your swimsuit. UCD has a great pool and there will be time for swimming!
  • $200-$300 spending money. ATM cards are the best option for this, but make sure you let your bank know you’re going to be using it abroad. There are a number of ATMs on campus. *Please note that VISA money cards purchased in the USA do not currently work in Ireland.
  • Ireland outlets fit 3-pronged plugs, so if you purchase any plugs please be sure to get the ones that fit for UK/Ireland. Alternatively, these can be purchased at shops on campus in Dublin. On this same topic you should check that all electronics can be used at 220 volts. Most digital cameras, laptops, iPhones can be used internationally, but a standard American hairdryer will not work in Ireland, for example. PLEASE CHECK YOUR ELECTRONICS before coming to Ireland.
  • Bring your medications with you, including anything for a headache or cold. The UCD Pharmacy will be closed over the summer.
  • Contact UCD office if you have questions when arriving to campus.