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Environmental Studies: Nature&Culture in World Cinema

ENVS 195 Z4 (CRN: 60911)

3 Credit Hours—Seats Available!

About ENVS 195 Z4

Intermediate courses of current areas of interest which vary each semester. Topics have included environmental health, energy, regional planning, international studies, literature, ethics, and natural area management. Prerequisite: One environmental course; Sophomore standing.


Adrian Ivakhiv ()


DATES: May 19 - June 13, 2014 Course will take place 1-4:45 MTWR from May 19 - June 6th; followed by post work by students from June 9 - June 13th.

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Section Description

This course examines cinematic depictions of the relationship between cultural identity and nature (environment, place, landscape) from around the world. We will draw on postcolonial cultural theory, ecocriticism, and other forms of cultural analysis to critically assess how filmmakers have depicted their own and others? cultures in relationship to changing social, environmental, and ecological themes. Screenings will include films from East and South Asia (such as Ugetsu Monogatare, Dersu Uzala, Pather Panchali, Yellow Earth, The Ballad of Narayama, Princess Mononoke, Still Life, Why Did Bodhidharma Come from the West?, Tropical Malady), Australasia (The Last Wave, Up in the Sky, Rabbit Proof Fence, Whale Rider, Ten Canoes), Central and West Asia (Story of the Weeping Camel, A Taste of Cherry, The Lemon Tree), Africa (Hyenas, Keita, the Heritage of the Griot, District 9), Europe (The Holy Mountain, Land Without Bread, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors), and the Americas (Land in Anguish, Macunaima, Bye Bye Brazil, Atanarjuat).

Section Expectation

Classes will meet daily, Monday through Thursday 1:00-4:45 p.m., for three weeks (total of 11 meetings). Classes will include seminar-style lectures/discussions as well as screenings of feature-length films, short films, and film excerpts. Students should expect to read an average of 40-50 pages per class/day.


Evaluation will be based on successful completion of the following requirements: (1) regular attendance in classes and screenings, including active participation in class discussions, (2) a reading/screening response journal, (3) 2 to 3 in-class quizzes, and (4) one term paper.


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