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Rehabilitation & Movement Sci: Human&Wildlife Track Analysis

RMS 095 Z1 (CRN: 60865)

1 Credit Hour—Seats Available!

For crosslists see: WFB 185 Z1

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Michael Kessler () and Jesse Jacobs ()


Thursday, May 21, 2015 lecture Rowell from 8-12 noon; Friday, May 22, 2015 Lab Rowell 303 from 8-12 noon; Saturday, May 23, 2015 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Outdoor Tracking Day at the Jericho Research Forest; Fee: $10.00; Students provide and share own transportation to Jericho Research Forest; Open to both CDE and Degree students; Cross listed with WFB 185 Z1 Total cross listed enrollment cap is 10


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Section Description

Hands-on experience in the study of human and wildlife motion and gait using state-of-the-art technologies in the UVM Human Motion Lab is immediately integrated and applied to outdoor field research. The scientific basis of human and wildlife locomotion, including principles of kinesiology and geotechnical engineering (i.e. soil mechanics), are investigated through pressure-release tracking. Key concepts of posture and locomotion are introduced in the classroom, researched in the motion lab, and applied on the landscape of the UVM Jericho Research Forest. Data recorded and analyzed in the motion lab are associated with details observed within tracks of an animal and person. The forces of motion analyzed in the lab are reconciled with the forces of soil mechanics displayed within the tracks. The students? comparison of their own movement with that of wildlife kindles greater awareness of oneself and, tangentially, of the wildlife studied. Students also develop an eye for detail, a sense of context, and an appreciation for the rigor of scientific research ? essential skills for academic, forensic, and scientific investigation. No prerequisite.

Section Expectation

1. Comprehend and appreciate aspects and strategies of motion displayed by humans and wildlife 2. Understand and participate in laboratory data collection for studying gait and balance 3. Appreciate the role of the environment in human and animal motion and its influence upon adaptive and compensating strategies 4. Understand how both human and wildlife tracks represent body movements through analysis of how movement-associated forces ultimately manifest in the track A. Accurately identify and record details of the track B. Correctly interpret details of tracks and reconcile through supporting evidence C. Understand factors that affect standing balance and gait, and how those factors manifest as changes in standing sway and gait patterns D. Recognize track anomalies as distinguishing indicators of physical characteristics or adaptations of motion and gait to environmental conditions


The overall class grade is a summation of the following: 10% Attendance Understanding and performing human and wildlife tracking represents a skill that requires active practice and participation, so attendance will be a key component to learning outcomes. 30% Quiz Assessment of opening lectures through an online quiz taken individually outside class through the Blackboard course site ? multiple question formats that may include (but not limited to) essay, multiple-choice, true-false, matching, and fill-in-the-blank questions that assess understanding of basic classroom principles of human posture and gait as well as human and wildlife tracking. 30% Lab Journal The class will collect data to compare conditions of gait using laboratory instruments and then discuss findings in class as well as post a written lab journal to the Blackboard course site that describes the experimental observations and provides interpretation of the data. 30% Field Work Assessment of track evidence collection and analysis is performed in the field individually with the instructor.


Course runs from to


Rowell N/A Hlth 118 (View Campus Map)


to on Thursday


On Campus (View Campus Map)


to on Friday


Jericho Research Forest (View Campus Map)


to on Saturday

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