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Philosophy: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 010 OL2 (CRN: 60836)

3 Credit Hours

About PHIL 010 OL2

Courses introducing philosophical argument and analysis in a variety of ways. Content, readings and assignments vary by section. Not repeatable for credit. Credit not awarded for more than one Philosophy course numbered below 100, except that credit will be given for PHIL 013 in addition to one other course numbered below 100.


Michael Ashooh ()


Dates: June 16 - July 11, 2014 Credit not awarded for more than one PHIL course below 100 except 013

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Section Description

This course is an introduction to philosophy. Philosophy is one of the oldest disciplines and one of the most difficult to define. Let?s just say we will be thinking about all sorts of stuff. For instance: Which actions are right, which are wrong and why? How can we know? What is the best way to live ones life? What is truth? What is reality? What sorts of things can we know and how can we know them? What is the mind? What makes me me? What is the soul? Will we persist after our death? Does God exist? The list of questions is a long as philosophy is old. We only have a little time to think about some of these questions, and we will only consider a small bit of the remarkably diverse answers proposed. I will try to convince you that these are the most important questions you will ever ask, that the quality of your life depends on your thinking carefully and deeply about them and that only a philosophical approach to doing this is satisfactory. We will spend the class learning about philosophy by thinking through these issues with some of the greatest philosophers the world has known. And, while we will learn only a little about philosophy, we will philosophize a lot.

Section Expectation

Hours per day: You should expect to put about 3 hours of work into this course per day on average. This includes time to read the assignments, time to participate in the online portions of the course and time for other assignments. Some days may require more and some less, but the work requirements will be significant. Discussion: I expect everyone to make at least one post per module and to respond to at least one of your classmates posts per module. That means you can expect to write at least 20 posts for the course. At least one of your own posts and one of your response posts should be substantial. Journal Reflections: I expect everyone to make 5 Personal Reflection journal entries in this course. Instructions are given within the course modules where they are expected. The style of writing may be informal, but I expect them to be well-written (no shorthand or slang) and clearly expressed. Final paper: You will be required to submit a 2500 word final paper at the end of the term. Paper requirements and expectations are under the final paper link in the course.


Grades will be calculated in the following way: Regular participation in Discussion Boards: 25% Writing in your Philosophical Reflections Journal: 25% Final paper: 30% Online quizzes 20%


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