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Psychology: Developmental Psyc:Childhood

PSYC 161 Z2 (CRN: 60812)

3 Credit Hours

About PSYC 161 Z2

Survey of research and theories on child development from conception to adolescence emphasizing experimental analyses of early social and cognitive development. Prerequisite: PSYC 001.


Susan Fenstermacher ()


Dates: May 19 - June 13, 2014

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Section Description

Course Overview This survey course is intended to provide an introduction and overview of theory and research in Developmental Psychology. The first goal of this course is to address both historical and contemporary theoretical perspectives regarding the study of children and their development. A second goal of this course is to introduce students to some central topics that are addressed in developmental psychology, including the biological foundations of development and potential impacts of both `nature? and `nurture? on developmental outcomes; how children's personalities might be formed and change over time; how children acquire, remember, and process information; and the impact of children?s social experiences on development. A final goal of this course is to address the methods that researchers have adopted in their assessment of child development.

Section Expectation

Class Format The format of the course will include lectures, group discussions, and class activities. Questions, comments, and active class participation are encouraged. I expect students to come to class with the readings for the assigned day completed, to listen attentively and respectfully, and to contribute to class activities and discussions. .


Course Requirements Exams (330 points; 66% of final grade) There will be three exams in this course, each worth 110 points. Please refer to the included course schedule for details. All exams are closed book and will begin promptly at the start of the class period. The exams (including the final exam) are not cumulative, and will cover material from lecture, films, and the assigned readings. You will have 75 minutes to take each exam. Following each exam, there will be a short (15 minute) break before we resume class for the day. Class Participation/Active Learning activities (60 points; 12% of final grade) During most class meetings, I will assign a brief activity to be turned in for credit. These activities may include, but are not limited to, small group exercises/discussions completed during class, brief quizzes or writing assignments reflecting on assigned readings or films, or material collected during class to be used for class demonstrations. Occasionally, I may ask you to review material outside of class (for example, a video clip or article provided on the textbook website) or to bring your own examples with you to class (for example, a newspaper or magazine clipping, journal or popular media article reporting on research in child development, or a YouTube clip relevant to course material) that you will utilize as part of the activity for the next day?s class meeting. Writing Assignment (110 points; 22% of final grade) The purpose of this 3- 4 page writing assignment is to allow students to apply what they have learned in the course to `real world? examples ( e.g., children?s media evaluation, child observation, fictional character `case study?, investigation of a topical issue in child development). Please note that although you are only required to turn in one paper for credit, you will be provided with two sets of topics and opportunities to turn in your paper (dates listed on syllabus). If you choose to complete and turn in both paper assignments, only your best score will be counted toward your final grade. Lists of specific topics and guidelines will be posted on Blackboard and distributed in class. Summary of Course Requirements: Course Requirement Possible Points Percentage of Course Grade Exams (3 @ 110 points each) 330 66% Class Activities (10 @ 6 points each) 60 12% Writing Assignment 110 22% TOTAL 500 100%


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