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Sociology: Sociology of the Family

SOC 029 OL1 (CRN: 60471)

3 Credit Hours

About SOC 029 OL1

Description and analysis of contemporary patterns in American sexual, marital, and familial behavior; their historical development, variants, and the evolving alternatives to traditional normative forms.


Jennifer Strickler ()


DATES: May 19 - June 13, 2014


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Section Description

This course will introduce students to a sociological perspective on intimate and family relationships. We will begin by looking at the changes in family structure and culture over time, and introduce sociological perspectives and methods of research on the family. After locating the family in the social structure, and considering the macro-level forces on families, we will examine micro-level processes and dynamics within families, such as parenting, marriage and divorce, family violence.


This course is writing intensive, as all discussion is via the Blackboard discussion board. Students are expected to do all reading the day it is assigned, and participate in the discussion of the day. Each day, there will be two writing prompts. Posting requirements are: one post in response to a prompt, and 2 responses to other students? posts each day. Grading criteria are given below. In addition, there will be two exams, each of which will consist of 4 essay questions.


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