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Professional Nursing: Prof Nursing Pract&Soc Justice

PRNU 263 OL2 (CRN: 60408)

3 Credit Hours—Seats Available!

For crosslists see: PRNU 263 OL1

About PRNU 263 OL2

Course will focus on social justice for individuals, families, and groups recognized as marginalized within our society. Prerequisite: Admission to Alternate Track - VT RN program. PRNU 60, 111, 113, NAT majors only.



Dates: July 5 - August 12, 2016; Independent (non contract) paying RN-BS/NAT majors only; Cross listed with PRNU 263 OL1

More Information

Section Description

This course will focus on using proven change processes, leadership, ethical principles, cultural competence, and clinical and policy knowledge to decrease inequities among individuals, families, and groups that are recognized as marginalized within our society. Major conceptual areas include health disparities, diversity, teaching /learning, professional nursing practice, group dynamics, social justice, leadership, and change agency. You should be able to articulate a fairly deep understanding of these concepts by the end of the course. Throughout the course your reflection is important. We will examine real world strategies to make social justice a central component of contemporary nursing practice. Course Objectives Upon completion of this course learners will be able to 1. Evaluate factors that contribute to the marginalization of people. 2. Identify group dynamics applicable to interactional systems (including families, work, and other group settings, and communities) that contribute to power imbalances. 3. Discuss ways of promoting social justice using nursing theory, research, and practice. 4. Implement strategies to enhance health promotion for people in marginalized groups using leadership theory. 5. Use guided reflection to further develop professional nursing practice and enhance self-awareness. 6. Use ANA Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice and the Code of Ethics for Nurses to guide practice.

Section Expectation

The syllabus is on Blackboard; the Blackboard site is set up with extra readings, films, and activiites by week. Each weekly folder also has assignment drop boxes. Unlike campus-based classes, you do not have to read and be prepared for one day, but over the course of the week you must finish your readings and do assignments.


Criterion Value Due Weekly group discussions 30% Ongoing postings on group discussion boards. Quizzes (5) 25% Weekly on assigned readings/films Book review 20% See instructions for approved books & review Project 25% See instructions for project




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