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English: Films of Stephen King

ENGS 113 Z1 (CRN: 60145)

3 Credit Hours—Seats Available!

About ENGS 113 Z1

Since the release of Brian DePalma's film CARRIE in 1976, Hollywood's involvement with adapting Stephen King's fictional universe into film has been nothing less than obsessive. At this point in time, over 70 films have been made either based on Stephen King narratives or screen/teleplay scripts that King himself authored. This course seeks to engage some of the best of these films: CARRIE, STAND BY ME, THE SHINING, APT PUPIL, DOLORES CLAIBORNE, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION with the intention of exploring several issues: despite their different directors and screenwriters, do these films maintain some kind of vision that connects them; what makes these films so popular; and how effectively do they translate King's narrative intentions into film. The course will mostly consist of class discussion, with the occasional lecture as well. Assignments will include a 5 page two-minute analysis of a scene from one of the films and a cumulative take-home final exam.



Dates: July 18 - August 12, 2016 Pre/co-requisite: Three hours in English courses numbered ENGS 005 - ENGS 096

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Section Description

The perfect summer school class: an introduction to the best films that have been adapted from Stephen King's novels and stories. At this point there are over 50 feature-length film adaptations and another 25 or so made-for-TV miniseries. We'll look at the best of the feature films: Kubrick's The Shining, DePalma's Carrie, and Darabont's The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, among others. The course will not only treat each film individually, but also explore points of similarity--that is, where King's perspective has shaped (or not) the work of directors and screenwriters.

Section Expectation

Occasional lecture, but 90% discussion.


One scene analysis, a close interpretation of a short sequence from a selected film that carefully deconstructs what is happening in the scene and its relevance to the rest of the picture, and a take home final exam.




Lafayette Hall L100 (View Campus Map)


to on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

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