Health: Exploring Anatomy & Physiology

HLTH 095 Z3 (CRN: 60908)

3 Credit Hours

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About HLTH 095 Z3

This course is for students interested in entering the health profession as a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, nutritionist, athletic trainer, and more. Understanding basic human anatomy and physiology is the foundation for those interested in health and/or healthcare careers. Classroom teaching supplemented with pathology laboratory tours, hospital tours, simulation labs and more. Understanding the body and the way it works is important information for those interested in healthcare, and those simply wanting to know more about their own health. Classroom learning is supplemented with lots of hands-on learning in simulation labs, movement labs, skill labs and more. This course is not a substitute for the Anatomy & Physiology course requirements for UVM major or minor. Students also benefit from access to the Clinical Simulation Laboratory at the University of Vermont and Fletcher Allen Health Care, where they can perform virtual surgeries, among other activities.


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Dates: July 14 - August 8, 2014; SUMMER ACADEMY COURSE; July 14 - July 25 On Campus MTWR 9:00-3:30 PM; July 26 - August 8 for continued out of class work. Students must apply to Summer Academy to participate in this course; Available to students completing 10th & 11th and 12th grades; Residential and commuter options; VT high school rising juniors and seniors students can use their dual enrollment voucher; Students need to apply and a guidance counselor needs to supply a brief recommendation and GPA via an online form here; Continuing Education Deans Office Permission Only, please contact 802-656-2085


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Section Description

Introductory course to serve as exploratory anatomy and physiology experience for students considering health related professions. Interdisciplinary in scope, this course will cover basic anatomy structure and function of major systems of the body. This course does NOT replace, and is NOT equivalent to ANPS 019/020 or other lab based anatomy coursework. Students will have a basic understanding of: 1. How the progression of structural levels (molecules, compounds, cells, tissues, organs, and systems) contributes to the body's order and stability. 2. The precise and logical descriptive word roots, prefixes, & suffixes used to identify body parts and directional terms. 3. How all major systems of the human body contribute to homeostasis. 4. How the integumentary system, skeletal system and muscular system each function in protection, support and movement. 5. How the cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system and immune system each function in the distribution of materials and contribute to the maintenance of homeostasis 6. How the nervous system (central, peripheral & autonomic), organs of sensation and endocrine system each contribute to the regulatory control, integrative communication and systemic coordination within the body. 7. How the reproductive system, genetics, and aging process each contribute to the reproduction, growth and development of a human body.

Section Expectation

We do use several online resources. That being said, you should have daily access to internet for the entire course, and in particular, for the final two week online portion. Also, I will be using the Blackboard Course management system for the course materials and many assignments as well as communicating with you using your UVM EMAIL. We will go over these specifics on day one so you are all comfortable with how the course will run. The textbook for the course is: Anatomy & Physiology: Foundations for the Health Professions Deborah Roiger, M. Ed. ISBN: 0073402125 Copyright year: 2013 During the face to face portion of the course, we will do some lecture, some interactive small group work, and hopefully lots of discussion! You should come to class feeling confident to speak up, engage, and have some fun learning about the amazing human body.


VII. Evaluation: 1) Weekly Homework assignments: 2 @ 30 pts each= 60 pts 2) Critical application question responses 1 @ 20 pts each= 20 pts 3) Lab participation and reflection assignment: 1 @ 10 pts each= 10 pts 4) Personal career interest final reflection: 1 @ 10 pts each= 10 pts 5) Quizzes 2 @ 25 pts each= 50 pts 6) Hybrid/online week projets 2 @ 25 pts each= 50 pts


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