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Geology: Earth System Science

GEOL 001 Z1 (CRN: 60001)

4 Credit Hours—Section is Full.

The course GEOL 001 Z1 is currently full.

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About GEOL 001 Z1

An introduction to the earth as a closed system, the cycling of materials and energy within it, and how it interacts with the hydrosphere and atmosphere. May not be taken for credit concurrently with, or following receipt of, credit for GEOL 002.


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Pre-College and High School


Dates: May 23 - June 17, 2016; Final exam will take place on Friday, June 17th; Lab Fee: $75

More Information

Section Description

Course Objectives: 1- Gain an understanding of the Earth and how it functions. Student should be able interpret the landscape in terms of its geologic history, understand the scale of geologic time, and understand why different parts of the world look the way they do and are subject to different natural processes 2- Understand how humans are affected by and in turn affect the Earth System 3- Develop observational, analytical, and critical thinking skills that can be used to make informed decisions about the Earth, but that can also be applied to new or unfamiliar material

Section Expectation

Lectures will alternate with indoor and outdoor labs. Due to the short duration of the course class attendance is mandatory! Missing lectures will result in lower grades. It is not possible to make up field labs. Please make every effort to attend all field trips. Any student missing more than one lab for any reason will be asked to take an incomplete for the course. Outdoor Labs Geologic knowledge is primarily gathered from field investigations. The field trips and labs will develop your skills of observation and description. Dress appropriately!! Be prepared for hot weather, sun, cold weather, wind, rain, poison ivy, and rough, muddy ground. Field Trip/Lab Reports All labs require that you submit a completed lab report that may include measurements, descriptions, sketches, maps, cross-sections, etc. Unless specified otherwise, Lab reports are due two days after your lab. Lab Starting Time: We will leave promptly. I don't mind waiting a few minutes, but it is trying on the rest of us to wait longer than that. Please show up on time. If you intend to buy a cup of coffee or a bagel, visit the bathroom, or lock up your bike, please give yourself enough time before the lab starts. If you show up late and we're gone, someone in the office or the building may be able to help you find us, but don't count on it.


Grading: There will be one midterm exam, one final exam and lab write-ups. See the syllabus for assigned readings from the textbook. The midterm exam is a take-home exam consisting of short answer questions. The final exam will be comprehensive (75 questions with multiple choice answers and a rock specimen), although it will emphasize material presented during the second half of the course. There is no clear distinction between lecture and lab material. The labs are an integral part of this class and material presented during the lab will appear on tests. Your final grade will be based on the above criteria weighted as follows: Midterm 20% Final 30% Lab Write-ups 40% Participation & Attendance 10%




Delehanty-Trinity Campus 101 (View Campus Map)


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Delehanty-Trinity Campus 101 (View Campus Map)


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