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Should You Go to College Fairs with Your Child?

As your child begins to prepare for college and considering next steps, you will have the option to attend college fairs, or let your child embark on that journey alone. While college fairs are an opportunity for your student to meet with college representatives, collect valuable resources and discover new colleges of interest, it’s also an opportunity for you to cover more ground and get the most of of your child’s college fair experience. For those who are not sure whether or not they should join their son or daughter at a college fair, here’s what you need to know: Continue Reading…


Costa Rica Travel Tips for Pre-College Students

Over the course of ten days, students traveling to Monteverde, Costa Rica will have the opportunity to explore one of the most pristine ecosystems in the world, the cloud forest of Costa Rica. During your stay at the Biological Research Station located at Estacion Pocosol, participants will utilize the rich biodiversity of the largest private reserve in Costa Rica, the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (CER) as a model for studying the interconnectedness of humans and nature. Continue Reading…


Learn Why UVM is Rated One of the Top New England Schools

Set in the heart of Burlington, The University of Vermont is home to a spirited campus community, well-rounded course offerings and endless opportunities. With 100 different available majors, and options for combining interests, UVM is often celebrated for its academic variety and named one of the most ideal places to fulfill interests and passions for learning. If your child is in the process of narrowing down their college search, and hopes to make a rewarding investment on their academic future, we invite you to get a taste of what their experience will be like. Continue Reading…


The Best Things to Do in Dublin & Costa Rica

Did you know that many of today’s admission counselors, employers and graduate schools are interested in admitting or hiring students with the cross-cultural experiences that you can gain while studying abroad? Through traveling abroad, students can immerse themselves in a new environment and experience the people, places and perspectives that make up different parts of the world; all while earning school credit.

Perhaps you’re just starting to explore the benefits of a travel study program and the activities each locale offers. Or maybe you’re already in the midst of planning out details, such as: the location, time of year and financing your trip - read on to explore the benefits of traveling to Dublin, Ireland and/or Monteverde, Costa Rica.  Continue Reading…


A First-Hand Experience of What It’s Like Living on Campus

Starting your first-year of college brings a realm of new experiences, and living on campus is definitely at the top of that list. If you find yourself anxious or uncertain of what living on campus will really be like, you’re not alone. The important thing to remember is that living on campus has many perks such as meeting new friends, having a close proximity to those early morning classes and endless options for on-campus activities and events. Want to learn more about the community you will be joining? Let’s find out: Continue Reading…


Planning for Your Child’s Future: Answers to FAQs About College

When college planning is in full-swing, you and your child may feel overwhelmed with the volume of information and the unanswered questions that you may currently have. It’s without question that preparing your child for college can often feel like a long and tedious process. However, you can alleviate some of the time spent preparing your child for college with the right resources and information in order to feel confident in your next steps. In today’s post you will find a number of different answers to frequently asked questions parents, just like you, have about planning for your child’s future.  Continue Reading…


How to Encourage Your Student to Earn College Credits in High School

Preparing for college can start well before your child starts filling out their applications. This is especially true for students who would like to experience college first-hand and alleviate some of the questions that may be running through their brain. For instance, if your child is unsure of the major they would like to pursue, there are many great opportunities to explore programs while still in high school. Part of what makes a pre-college experience so unique is that it can ultimately help your child make better and more informed decisions around their education before they even apply to college.  Continue Reading…


What is a First-Generation College Student?

Planning for college can feel overwhelming; not only is everything about your child’s academic life about the change, but perhaps they’re the first of your family to apply. There’s no denying that this may be a challenging time, but the amount of knowledge and skills that they will gain from higher-education will pay off for years to come. If your child is unsure of the college process, there’s no need to be concerned. In fact, anyone can go to college, but your child must first be willing to commit and start planning as soon as possible.  Continue Reading…


4 Tips for Writing Persuasive College Admissions Essays

For college admissions, the essay is one of the most rewarding parts of the application evaluation process. However, it’s one of the most dreaded topics of conversation for aspiring college students. While it may not always be the most exciting part of applying to college, it’s your opportunity to express your interest, showcase your personality and highlight your academic achievements – essentially it’s your chance to make a lasting first impression. No pressure right? Continue Reading…


Take this College Quiz to Find Out What Kind of Student You Are!

Whether you’re in the midst of planning for college or just developing an interest in higher education, have you ever stopped and thought “what kind of student am i?” Sure, you probably know if you enjoy studying or if you would rather be involved in an extracurricular activity, but have you ever thought of how your high school learning style could help to determine what student you are?

Take a Quick Break from Your Studies to Find out What Kind of Student You Are with this College Quiz!