Communicating and Privacy
Students often do not realize the flexibility that Summer University can offer. They are accustomed to the usual trajectory of academic planning from the fall to spring semesters.  However, if students fall behind with their coursework, change majors, or plan to graduate early, their schedules may be disrupted.

As a parent, you may wish you had direct access to your student’s information, however, due to FERPA law; UVM cannot share information about a student, even to their parents, once the student turns 18. Students may set up up a parent or someone else who is supporting the financial aspects of their education, with Proxy Access.  The student can grant a Proxy online access to their financial aid and/or account and billing information.  For more information on Proxy Access, please click here.

If you would like to send a direct email to your student through the UVM email system to add you as an authorized payer, you may do so here.

If you are concerned about the safety of your student and are unable to reach them, you can request a welfare check, provided by Campus Police Services.

Tuition and Billing

Tuition is discounted 30% from academic year tuition. Vermont residents, even if attending a college or university out-of-state, qualify for the UVM in-state rate. Carefully review Tuition and Fees and Financial Aid information. Make note of the UVM billing cycle and that My UVM Portal can be used to access financial details. All student billing statements will be available electronically. Students will receive bill notification emails to their official UVM email address in lieu of any paper mailing statement.  Only UVM students are allowed by FERPA law to access their personal information (grades, transcripts, billing). Students may add an authorized payer to the billing section only of their UVM Portal.

Directions/Campus Maps

Welcome to the UVM campus! Located in the lively downtown area of Burlington, Vermont, the University of Vermont overlooks Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains and is situated at the edge of the Green Mountain foothills. Review UVM and Burlington Commuting Resources to determine how to get here and accessible modes of transportation. Get acclimated with the UVM campus by viewing the campus map and shuttle service and determining parking permit and service needs.

Access Services

UVM ACCESS provides a full spectrum of disability services including helping students transition from high school to college, as university education accommodation laws differ from those in K-12 education. Programs and services such as exam accommodations, disability advisement and advocacy, eBooks, deaf and hard of hearing services, note taking, adaptive technology, and appropriate housing options are all offered with respect to the student’s right to privacy, confidentiality, and access equality.

Student Supplies

The UVM Bookstore is located in the UVM Davis Center and can also be accessed online at Textbooks, other literature, academic supplies, iPads, computers, technology accessories, UVM clothing, student gifts, medical necessities, and food can all be purchased.

Close by, the Bailey/Howe Library is usually required for both online and on campus courses.

Student Dining

Meal plans can be purchased and added to the UVM Catcard, which also serves as the UVM photo ID card (the UVM Catcard and college ID are one in the same).  Visiting undergraduates need to pre-register in order to get a UVM ID/CATcard.

Internships and Careers

As Vermont’s financial, educational, medical, and cultural center, Burlington offers a plethora of professional internship opportunities to complement UVM’s summer series of career development courses. Summer U students also have access to the full spectrum of UVM Career Services.