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English: D1:Native American Literature

ENGS 030 OL1 (CRN: 60536)

3 Credit Hours

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About ENGS 030 OL1

Subjects vary by semester. Representative topic: Reading the American Wilderness. May be repeated for credit with different content.


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Pre-College and High School


Dates: May 23- June 17, 2016

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Section Description

Fiction, myth, personal narrative, poetry, even film and song--contemporary American Indian writing takes many forms but they all provide windows into the lives and dreams of America's forgotten minority. Among the themes we will explore are life on the rez, creation myths and vision quests, dealings with the white world, and reclaiming the past. In addition to reading and writing about the stories and poems in the texts, you'll get to see three great films; Dreamkeeper, Skins, and Smoke Signals. Because this course is designated D1, it will help you fulfill UVM's Cultural Diversity requirement. COURSE MATERIALS. Nothing But the Truth: An Anthology of Native American Literature (Purdy and Ruppert ISBN 0-13-011642-4); The Woman Who Fell from the Sky (Joy Harjo ISBN 0-393-31362-X); The Way to Rainy Mountain (N. Scott Momaday ISBN 0-8263-0436-2). And three DVD's: Dreamkeeper, Skins, Smoke Signals. The Bookstore will not be stocking these DVD's but you can buy them from Amazon or rent from Netflix or another outlet.

Section Expectation

Plan to spend several hours a day on this course. Read the assigned text, articles, and/or websites for each lesson. View the films as scheduled. Respond to each reading/viewing assignment in a reflective writing and/or a posting to the discussion board. Participate actively in all discussions. Submit reading response (RR) essays following the guidelines as scheduled.


Course grade will be based on your written reflections, discussion board contributions, and four reading response essays




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