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Exercise & Movement Science: Exercise and Sport Psychology

EXMS 242 OL1 (CRN: 60125)

3 Credit Hours

About EXMS 242 OL1

Emphasis on personality and behavioral dynamics of sport, psychological changes associated with exercise, assessment, performance enhancement, motivation, anxiety, group processes, and exercise adoption and maintenance. Prerequisite: PSYS 001.



Dates: May 23, 2016 - June 17, 2016 Prereq: PSYC 001

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Section Description

EXMS 242 ONLINE will include the exploration of the influence of individual personality characteristics, as well as team dynamics, in sport and performance. We will also explore the role of stress, anxiety, and other mental health constructs in performance, motivation, and exercise & sport behavior. We will finish with an in depth exploration of exercise psychology that includes the effects of exercise on mental health across the lifespan, the influence of psychosocial variables on athletic injury and rehabilitation, and the role of exercise as an intervention for several mental health conditions. The course will rely heavily on current research based evidence in support of theory and applications in the sport and exercise psychology arena.

Section Expectation

This course is delivered online. For many students, this may be the first, or among the first experiences with an entirely online learning environment. There are several critical policies for this type of learning environment: 1) The student must operate independently and be disciplined with regard to course progress. 2) The student must plan to check in online at least once daily to stay up to date with announcements, updates, etc. 3) Readings and other support activities (i.e., video clips, etc) are critical to course progress and student success. 4) Grading includes both graded assignments, as well as participation credit (discussion boards, etc). Participation in online interactions must be conducted in a respectful, professional, and ethical manner. No disrespectful comments or interactions will be tolerated, and may result in the lowering of grades, or failure of the course. 5) Academic integrity is paramount. In online learning, we all make sacrifices with regards to control of the learning environment. In online coursework, there is a very high level of student independence. The student must respect and adhere to all academic integrity policies of the institution, and any decisions regarding issues related to academic integrity will adhere to institutional policy (available at:


Below is an example of what evaluation could look like. Please note, these items and points may change as the class is finalized and fully developed. This is only an example. Discussion Board Interactions 4 @ 10 pts each = 40 pts Case Study Response 3 @ 20 pts = 60 pts Worksheets 2 @ 10 pts each = 20 pts Self-Assessment & Reflection 1 @ 10 pts = 10 pts Critical Application Questions 4 @ 15 pts = 60pts TOTAL = 190 pts Raw average grading.




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