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Plant Biology: Plant Systematics

PBIO 109 Z1 (CRN: 60067)

4 Credit Hours

About PBIO 109 Z1

Collection and identification of ferns and flowering plants; survey of prominent Vermont plant families; plant nomenclature, classification, and phylogeny; species concepts and speciation; floral function. Pre/co-requisites: PBIO 004 or BIOL 002 or BCOR 012.



Dates: June 20 - July 15, 2016; Pre/co-requisites: PBIO 4 or BIOL 2 or BCOR 012;

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An introduction to the basic ideas about function and evolution of flowering plants as reflected in their structure and the basic skills in technical plant collection and identification. The course is taught almost entirely outside in natural communities in the Burlington area.

Section Expectation

Come to every class. Participate in the class with questions and insights into the plants discussed. A magnifying glass is required, and you must either make your own plant press or sign one out with a returnable deposit.


1. a daily brief review quiz. 2. midterm and a final 3. a plant collection according to the instructions on the course website.




James M Jeffords Hall 100 (View Campus Map)


to on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

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