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French: Elementary II

FREN 002 Z1 (CRN: 60049)

4 Credit Hours

About FREN 002 Z1

Further development of French composition, comprehension, pronunciation, speaking, reading, and writing in a cultural context. Classes are conducted in French and students engage in active use of the language. Prerequisite: FREN 001 or equivalent.


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Pre-College and High School


Dates: July 5 - August 12, 2016; Prereq: FREN 001 or equivalent

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FREN 002 is the second course in a two-semester sequence of beginning French. It is designed for students who have successfully completed FREN 001 at the University of Vermont, as well as students with previous experience in French who have scored the requisite number of points in the UVM placement test. The course emphasizes all four major language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to use their newly acquired skills in order to communicate in French in a realistic and culturally appropriate manner. All classes are conducted in French. The University of Vermont respects the Department of Education?s definition of a credit hour: for every hour spent in a classroom, a student is expected to complete approximately 2 hours of coursework outside of it. Upon completion of this course, the student: ? will be able to engage in simple conversation on familiar topics necessary for survival in the target language culture; he or she will be able to give personal information, state a simple opinion, talk about a limited number of activities, preferences, and immediate needs. ? will be able to understand predictable messages found in public spaces. ? will be able to express past actions and future events. ? will be sensitive to and respectful of cultural differences. ? will be able to write simply about common elements of daily life in a personal manner. ? will be able to recognize key words and cognates while engaging in the reading of non-complex texts (literary or other) in French, and derive relevant information from them. ?will have broadened his/her general cultural knowledge of the French-speaking communities and countries of the world today.


Attendance, quizzes, and active participation 20% / Homework 15% / Oral Exams 10% / Written Exams 35% / Final Exam 20%




Terrill-Home Ec 308 (View Campus Map)


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