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Agriculture & Life Science: Communication Methods

CALS 183 OL2 (CRN: 61872)

3 Credit Hours

About CALS 183 OL2

Introduction to informational and persuasive public speaking. Developing individual and group oral communication skills through giving and critically analyzing presentations.



Dates: July 17 - August 11, 2017 Student must have access to a digital video recording device. Student will be shown how to submit videos to Blackboard during the introduction to the course.

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Section Description

<p>Communication Methods (CALS 183) is an online course during the summer semester. This course will develop your public speaking skills for presentations at UVM and beyond. You will learn how to give excellent oral presentations that are appropriate for different audiences. While improving your public speaking skills, you will conduct research and select appropriate media to make dynamic presentations. During our class, you will give and self-critique three presentations, as well as critiquing professional presentations by other people.</p> <p>The textbook and all other materials are provided for free and online via Blackboard, so there is no book to buy. You must have a digital video camera to record your speeches, and be able to upload these 7- to 10-minute videos. The standard video camera on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone should be sufficient.</p> <p>Overall, I’m excited to be working with you in Communication Methods (CALS 183) this semester. Each of you comes into this course with a different level of public speaking knowledge and skill, but it is my goal that you finish this course with a better understanding of these topics and new abilities.</p>




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