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Sociology: Social Org of Death & Dying

SOC 154 Z1 (CRN: 60433)

3 Credit Hours

About SOC 154 Z1

Comparative examination of sociocultural adaptations to mortality with special attention to family, medical, legal, religious, and economic responses to fatal illness and death in contemporary society. Prerequisite: Three hours of Sociology.



Dates: May 22 - June 16, 2017

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Section Description

Dying and death are most obviously biological processes which affect individuals. But from a sociological standpoint, dying and death are social processes because every society interprets these phenomena and creates structures for dealing with dying individuals and rituals for disposing of the dead. These interpretations and rituals vary from culture to culture and change over time in the same culture, reflecting the "relativizing" theme of sociological analysis.

Section Expectation

During this summer session we will examine the attitudes and behaviors concerning dying and death which characterize individuals and societies through time and across cultures. Most of the course, however, will focus on dying and death issues in the United States. Some of the questions we will address include: How is death disruptive to the social order and why do all societies have norms and structures to deal with the dying and death of individuals?




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