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Comm Sciences & Disorders: Rsch Methods Comm Disorders I

CSD 360 OL1 (CRN: 60265)

3 Credit Hours

About CSD 360 OL1

Empirical research methodology as applied to the study of normal and deficient speech, language, and hearing processes. Students analyze data statistically and write a research proposal. Prerequisite: Graduate standing in Communication Sciences & Disorders or Instructor permission.



Dates: May 22- July 14, 2017; CSD Graduate Students

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Section Description

This course focuses on providing students with the skills needed to find (acquire), appraise and interpret (apply) research evidence as evidence-based clinicians. Emphasis will be on quantitative research literature relevant to the field of normal and deficient speech, language, and hearing processes. (DRAFT)

Section Expectation

The students will have demonstrated the ability to: • Define evidence-based practice (EPB) and understand its importance for their clinical work; • Identify ethical, theoretical, and practical issues, including those related to diverse cultures that must be considered when critically appraising studies as part of EBP; • Identify different types of research designs, • Evaluate the validity of research methods including psychometric properties of measurement tools; • Analyze study results in terms of their meaning, appropriateness and applicability to clinical contexts. (DRAFT)


Collaborative Learning Activities will be assessed: 1) Blackboard discussions: (25 points) Students will participate actively in class discussions on Blackboard and other mandatory collaborative learning activities posted. The students’ participation will be graded using a rubric. 2) Accessing Research: (15 points) Students will create a PICO question on a topic of their choosing (“ASK”) and "Acquire" research evidence to answer their PICO question through searches of databases for critically appraised topics, systematic reviews, and original research studies using the process outlined in the template. 3) Appraising Studies: (30 points) Students will critically appraise sections of a research related to the topic of their assignment. 4) There will be one test in this course. (30 points). The test is summative that is their intent is to assess your ability to retain and integrate the course’s content. (DRAFT)




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