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Comm Sciences & Disorders: Hearing Rehabilitation

CSD 272 OL1 (CRN: 60106)

3 Credit Hours

About CSD 272 OL1

Examination of the impact of hearing loss on development and its overall effects on communication. Survey of management considerations, sensory devices, speech reading, and auditory training. Prerequisite: CSD 271.



Dates: June 19 - July 14, 2017; Pre-requisite CSD 271; This section has registration restrictions; Must be enrolled in one of the following majors: CSD Grad Student, CSD (Comm Sciences & Disorders) majors, SLPA certificate students, Master's pre-requisite students or instructor permission

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Section Description

This fully on-line course will familiarize students with the effects of hearing loss, both on a child’s development and on general communication as an adult. Theoretical and practical information necessary to develop a working understanding of the habilitation of hearing in children and rehabilitation of hearing in adults will be discussed reviewing various management methodologies. All students will become familiar with personal and school sensory devices and confident in equipment checks.

Section Expectation

Students will obtain course knowledge through asynchronous viewing of video lectures, required and supplemental readings, non-graded practice, graded assignments, and clinical observations. Per University policy regarding work required for a three credit hour course, students should expect to spend an average of four to five hours per day (including some time on the weekends) on this course given its intensive nature over the four week period.




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