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Economics: Money and Banking

EC 120 OL1 (CRN: 60035)

3 Credit Hours

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About EC 120 OL1

Commercial and central banking with special attention given to the Federal Reserve system, monetary theory, and policy. Prerequisites: EC 011, EC 012.



Dates: May 22 - June 30, 2017; Students must have access to a computer and a scanner; Prereq: EC 11 and EC 12

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We develop a framework to understand the structure of financial markets, money and its components and how interest rates are determined, the banking system and its regulation, how monetary policy is conducted, and root causes of financial crisis. Through the models that we will develop, you should gain enough knowledge and analytical tools to understand the latest developments in the financial and banking world. You will be encouraged to follow the financial news with the goal of gaining fluency to read the financial newspaper.

Section Expectation

There are six learning modules in this course.  They require that students review online lectures prepared by the professor and study the textbook and other assigned reading.


--There will be six exams in the course, a mixture of online multiple-choice exams and take-home exams (90% of grade) --Students will find articles from the Wall Street Journal that pertain to the week’s topics, introduce them to other class members via the Discussion Board, and comment on others’ posting. (10% of grade) --Each student will be required to locate a proctor who will oversee the online midterm exams. Specific ground rules for who qualifies to serve as a proctor and the protocol for administering exams will be provided.




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