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Music: History of Rock and Roll

MU 015 Z2 (CRN: 60021)

3 Credit Hours

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Examines rock music as a succession of related musical styles and as a social movement reflecting and influencing the changing American political and social landscape.


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Dates: July 3 - August 11, 2017

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MU 015 History of Rock and Roll CRN#60021 Course Syllabus – Summer 2017 Chris Rivers – MW 9-12:45pm Mon/Wed Terrill Building #207 July 3 - Aug 9, 2017 Required Text: A Social History of Rock and Roll -8th Ed. by David P. Szatmary Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall Course Description and Goals MU 015 is a course intending to be a social history of Rock and Roll. We will explore both musical and social movements that capture a unique time in history. Class focus will include: 1) The importance of African-American culture in the origins and development of rock music; blues, rhythm and blues, Motown, soul, disco, and hip-hop. 2) The impact of the postwar era (WWII) and the associated dramatic population growth creating a demand for new music. 3) The impact of race, economics, and class structure on the development of new styles. 4) The impact of media and advances in technology that shaped the sound of rock and roll. As we explore the history of rock and roll we will attempt to answer three questions about each new style and/or artist: A. What important political, social, economic, and technological forces are impacting American Society? B. How are these forces reflected in and affected by the music? C. What musical elements characterize each style of rock music, and what common musical threads connect differing styles. Class Structure and Content Class time will be a combination of group discussion, listening, videos, and presentations. Daily readings and subsequent essays will serve as focal points for student participation. Students will be required to write and present several short essays as well as a substantial presentation. *This is a course where reading the assigned text is key to successful participation. Please contact me via email or text anytime with questions or concerns. Share any class work via google to Text: 802 279-0764 Attendance Attendance is required. Students are responsible for all material presented in class and in the assigned readings. Class participation, enthusiasm and preparedness is all reflected in the final class grade. All papers/essays must be turned in on time. Work will lose one-half of a grade for each class period it is late. There will be no make-ups for missed presentations, quizzes or tests, except for reasons of documented serious illness.




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