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Sociology: Deviance & Social Control

SOC 014 OL1 (CRN: 60018)

3 Credit Hours

About SOC 014 OL1

Analysis of the causes and consequences of social behavior that violates norms. Examines patterns of deviant socialization and social organization and forms of deviance control.


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Dates: June 19 - July 14, 2017

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This course is a course in sociology (a "science that aims at an interpretative understanding of social action and thereby at a causal explanation of its course and consequences"-Max Weber); it relates deviance, as a particular form of social action, to social structure. Its goal is to identify, analyze, and explain different forms of deviant behavior, and how society creates or responds to it. It considers a wide variety of issues, such as different theoretical approaches to deviance and social control, empirical patterns of deviant behaviors, and temporal, spatial, and cultural variations in these patterns. Topics include • disability as deviance • obedience to authority • prostitution • pornography • eugenics • the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes • same-sex marriage NOT considered are topics addressed in detail in other sociology courses, such as drugs and criminology, or issues that pertain to other academic disciplines, such as motivational aspects of deviant behavior (psychology), "cults" (religious studies), or the administration of justice (criminal justice). This course's focus is on institutions, not individuals.


On-line exams and discussions, with optional (extra-credit) papers.




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