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Public Health: Culminating Project Experience

PH 392 OL1 (CRN: 60980)

2 Credit Hours

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About PH 392 OL1

Prepares students to apply knowledge and skills in a culminating project experience that reflects research and practice needs of actual populations. actual populations. Prerequisites: PH 301, PH 302, PH 303, PH 307. PH 306.


Donna O'Malley ()

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Master of Public Health


Dates are May 18 - August 14, 2015; Actual course work May 18 - July 10 with online post work

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Section Description

Phase 3 of PH392 is the ?Project Presentation? section of the MPH Culminating Project Experience and is intended to assist students in communicating the results of their research. The course is taught entirely online and includes assigned readings and videos, written assignments, and online interactions with other students. Successful students of this 2?credit course will know how to write a structured abstract, create and present a scholarly poster, and write a manuscript suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Section Expectation

1. Students will use several strategies to select appropriate journals in which to publish the results of their research. 2. Students will prepare a structured abstract summarizing the results of their research project. 3. Students will create and present a professional poster that communicates the results of their research and that is suitable for presentation at a national professional meeting. 4. Students will constructively critique the professional writing of their peers and revise their own writing in response to peer and advisor feedback. 5. Students will write, revise, and submit a manuscript that meets the standards of the scholarly journal selected.


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