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Global and Regional Studies: Internships

GRS 191 OL1 (CRN: 60952)

3 Credit Hours—Seats Available!

For crosslists see: CDAE 195 OL1

About GRS 191 OL1

All students will identify an international internship or service-learning placement through one of UVM's partner organizations (Foundation for Sustainable Development, CET, ISA, Connect 1-2-3, and ESAC. See: ( UVM students will be located in various regions of the world while participating in this online course. Locations include: Shanghai; Dublin; Prague; Barcelona; Cape Town; Cochabamba, Bolivia; Udaipur and Jodhpur, India; Salta and Buenos Aires, Argentina; Ciudad Sandino and Tola, Nicaragua; Santiago, Chile; Valencia, Spain, and additional locations. Students enrolled in the UVM internship/SL course are required to undertake a total of 200 hours over 8 weeks, and to participate in the online course along with the SL/internship work experience. The online sessions are intended to complement and inform interns' experiential learning, and to foster their awareness and appreciation of associated issues, ideas, and practices. Online weekly discussions will present opportunities for interns to reflect on, analyze, discuss, develop, and contextualize their understanding of the nature, purpose, and distinctive features of the community and workplace culture wherever this may be. Course assignments offer opportunities for interns to reflect on their experiences, develop their intercultural communication skills, and create a written record of their skill acquisition, critical thinking, personal qualities, challenges, and accomplishments.


Jay Ashman () and Marguerite Ashman ()


Dates: May 18 - August 14, 2015; Instructor Permission Required; Actual course dates are June 8 - August 10, with pre and post work assigned accordingly. Cross listed with CDAE 195 OL1; Course Title: International Internship & SL Note: The week of April 20 there will be at least one class meeting; Instuctors will contact you with specific information.

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