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English: World Literature I

ENGS 025 Z1 (CRN: 60825)

3 Credit Hours

About ENGS 025 Z1

Part one of a survey of world literature in English, which may include Virgil, Dante, Goethe, and similar major figures. Students may not take for credit both ENGS 025 and ENGS 027, or both ENGS 026 and ENGS 028.


James Williamson ()


Dates: May 19-June 13, 2014

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Section Description

What happens when Dumuzi fails to show Inanna the proper deference when she returns from the Underworld? How does Sigmund contrive to not be eaten by a wolf while he is restrained in a stock? What does a devoted palm-wine ?drunkard? do when his special tapster dies and disappears to the bush? Students in English 025 will read literature from widely dispersed parts of the world reflecting the intersection of oral tradition, manuscript tradition and modern print culture. Human character is ?writ large? in these exemplars of mythic, legendary, and romance narrative, and events range from the realistic to the phantasmagoric. Readings will include material ranging from some of the earliest poems in the world (the four thousand plus year old stories of the Sumerian?modern day Iraq?goddess Inanna) to material from areas where oral tradition has survived to modern times (Yoruba writer Amos Tutuola?s Palm-Wine Drinkard), and include lyric and narrative poetry, prose, and drama.

Section Expectation

This course will combine lecture and discussion, with the former intended to provide historical and literary context, and to raise critical questions, and the latter centered on interpretation. Discussions will be sometimes full class, sometimes small group. Students will be expected to do readings prior to the class meetings in which they are scheduled to be discussed, and be expected to participate in class discussions. Attendance is required.


Grades will be based on 1) two in-class essays, 2) a group oral presentation, 3) 5-6 short answer quizzes on the readings, 4) intermittent short response free writes. Attendance and class participation are required.


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