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English: Written Expression

ENGS 001 OL2 (CRN: 60188)

3 Credit Hours—Section is Full.

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About ENGS 001 OL2

A foundational composition course featuring sequenced writing assignments. Students learn to write and revise for different rhetorical situations while increasing their mastery of academic conventions.


Jenny Grosvenor ()

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Dates: June 29 - August 7, 2015

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Section Description

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Yes, you already know how to write. Or, no, you believe you can't write and never will. Either way, this is not why you're here, engaging with this text, about to enter the landscape of Written Expression. Yes, this college composition course will teach you how to become a better writer?and editor of your own work; but, more than that, the projects, assignments, and explorations on which you're about to embark will give you new eyes as a reader and writer. You will see the written word?others' and your own?in a discerning light. And you will take this newfound knowledge?critical ways of thinking, close reading, writing, and revising?with you on your future academic voyage and beyond. Know that how you feel and think about writing will never be the same at the end of this voyage of discovery. For now, trust the process.

Section Expectation

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Four formal essays ? Reflective, Reportorial, Explanatory and Argumentative ? each to include with submission a thinking page and mid-process draft Weekly freewriting and double-entry responses in your online Writer?s Notebook Responses to readings and active participation in Discussion Board Dynamic involvement in online group peer-response workshops


GRADING CRITERIA: Formal Essays (including thinking pages and drafts) 40% Final Reflection (and quote-response cover sheet) 10% Writer?s Notebook entries, three/week online* 20% Peer editing workshop involvement 10% Responses to reading assignments on Discussion Board * 20% *These represent your class presence and participation.


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