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Sociology: D1: Race Relations in the US

SOC 019 Z1 (CRN: 60024)

3 Credit Hours

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About SOC 019 Z1

Analysis of racial prejudice, discrimination, and other dominant group practices directed toward Native, Asian-, and African-Americans and their social movements for integration, accommodation, and separatism.


Nikki Khanna ()


Dates: May 18 - June 12, 2015


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COURSE OVERVIEW The main purpose of this course is to introduce students to the sociological analysis of race and ethnic relations. We will examine patterns of ethnic/racial relations and apply these patterns to ethnic/racial groups within the United States. Once we have investigated race relations in the U.S., we will then turn to examining cases outside the U.S. as a basis for comparison. The basic outline of the course is: I. Perspectives on Race and Ethnic Relations II. Major Race and Ethnic Groups in the United States Today III. Comparative Perspectives: South Africa & Brazil


There will be TWO exams (each is worth 25% of your final grade). All exams will be in multiple choice format, and exam questions will be drawn from the readings and lecture. 30% of your grade will come from a daily journal assignment (Tu, Wed, Thu; this assignment will be due at two points in the summer session). The final 20% of your grade will come from attendance. Because of the short duration of the summer session, regular attendance is extremely important and REQUIRED. Those with perfect attendance will receive full credit, and each day absent (which translates to more than a week during the regular semester) will result in a 15-point deduction in your attendance grade (out of a 100 pts). Anyone missing more than three days will automatically receive a failing grade for this course.


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