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Curriculum & Instruction: Society, Stress and the Brain

EDCI 200 OL2 (CRN: 61063)

3 Credit Hours

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About EDCI 200 OL2

Designed so that its content and structure may accommodate special issues not especially appropriate within the boundaries of an existing course. Pre/co-requisite: twelve hours in Education and related areas.


Haley Jiron ()

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Brain Learning


Dates: May 19 - June 13

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Section Description

Society, Stress and the Brain (EDCI 200) familiarizes students with brain development and the learning process in the context of complex social conditions such as poverty, instability, and fear. Throughout this course, students study the effects of stress on the learning process and consider methods of instruction and interaction that address the various developmental needs of children in diverse contexts (i.e. schools, families, and discursive contexts). This course is particularly relevant to those invested in the fields of education, counseling, psychology, and sociology as we explore different methods of interaction and discourse that relate to locus of control and agency.

Section Expectation

Students in Society, Stress and the Brain (EDCI 200) will: 1. Acquire basic knowledge in how the brain is involved with learning and memory 2. Read and analyze the growing research documenting the specific effects of stress on brain development and the learning process. 3. Understand theoretical and practical overviews of the role of dialogic learning in developing agency and locus of control in the individual 4. Explore and develop interactive learning environments that foster locus of control and agency thus promoting more effective and generative learning experiences. Classroom Environment Expectations Students participating in this online course will: ? Spend approximately 10-12 hours a week on this course. ? Read the assigned readings (articles or websites) for each module. ? Post to the discussion board as assigned throughout the course. ? Participate actively and consistently in all discussions. ? Check in and participate in the discussion boards at least 3-4 times a week.


There are 4 main assignments in this class. The first is your ongoing and active participation. The second is a Learning Contract that you complete. Here you share your own personal goals in taking this course and begin to shape your ideas about what you would like to write your paper about. The third assignment is the paper itself. You will hand this paper in once relatively early in the class, get feedback and expand your readings, and then submit it again as revised toward the end of the class. Finally, the last assignment is a Powerpoint that you will post to the course sharing your main findings from your paper. Past student feedback has suggested that the flow of this course and the related assignments are very natural and provides student the opportunity to continue to expand their thinking as they continue and progress throughout the course.


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