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Environmental Studies: Environmental Education

ENVS 294 OL1 (CRN: 61050)

3 Credit Hours

About ENVS 294 OL1

Philosophy, concepts, and strategies of environmental education, emphasizing integration of environmental concerns into formal and nonformal educational programs for youth and adults. Prerequisite: Junior standing. areas.


Wendy Verrei-Berenback () and Margaret Burke ()


Dates: May 19 - June 27, 2014

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Section Description

Students will: 1. Define ecological literacy and critically reflect on its importance in designing environmental education experiences. 2. Articulate their own environmental teaching philosophy. 3. Critically reflect on their role as a citizen to practice responsible environmental education. 4. Describe the importance of political, economic and social context in the continuing evolution of environmental education in the United States. 5. Describe environmental education pedagogy and apply it by designing a unit of study that aligns learning objectives, teaching strategies, developmentally appropriate materials and assessment strategies.

Section Expectation

This course is online. All associated readings and resources will be located in the Bb course space, there is no required text. This course is offered in a condensed time frame. Students should anticipate spending 17 - 25 hours peer week completing all course work. Not all work will be completed online; some assignments require students to independently conduct field observation and reflection.


Assignments include critical reflective journal assignments and small group discussions. There will be several short written assignments and one culminating project based on individual interest (topic, audience, EE format). Pending instructor permission, instead of a culminating project, students may also design an applied learning project, practicing EE in a local organization.


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