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Theatre: Acting I: Intro to Acting

THE 010 Z1 (CRN: 60930)

3 Credit Hours

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About THE 010 Z1

Exercises to increase self-awareness and heighten perceptions of human behavior. Basics of script analysis and development of vocal and physical skills through practice and performance.


Melissa Lourie ()


DATES: June 16 - July 11, 2014

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Section Description

Acting is doing! This is a hands-on class designed to develop the skills that are essential for an actor in any performance discipline (stage, film, television). A comfortable, relaxed and safe classroom environment will give students the courage to explore this most fascinating craft. The first third of the session will be devoted to games and exercises designed to help us relax and develop flexible and expressive voices and bodies. We will work to release imagination and spontaneity, form a working ensemble and identify key acting problems (specificity, believability, concentration, intention, listening and responding). Students will prepare and perform a short neutral scene during this time. During the second third of the course, we will continue our exploration of what constitutes a scene. Key elements of scene work; where, who and what (given circumstance), will be explored as well as the concepts of objective, action and obstacle. Students will develop and perform a monologue during this time. In the last third of the session, students will be assigned a classic or contemporary American scene to develop in detail. These scenes will be worked on both inside and outside of class. They will ultimately be performed as a final exam.

Section Expectation

Excellent attendance is essential in a class that relies on first-hand experiential learning. Students are expected to attend class daily, and to read and respond to assigned excerpts from various texts on acting. Students are also expected to rehearse their performance projects outside of class (2 - 5 hours a week) as well as in class.


Students are evaluated on classroom participation, journal entries and reading responses, and three performance projects, a monologue, neutral scene and final scene.


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to on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

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