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Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: Community Engagement&Leadershi

CDAE 095 Z2 (CRN: 60872)

3 Credit Hours

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This course examines how the next generation will be a major catalyst for change in the world. Our mission is to provide students with the tools to develop the essential skills for socially responsible leadership. Our world faces complex challenges some of which include: destruction of food systems, healthcare, global warming, conflicts and wars, poverty, global security, issues of wealth and poverty, human rights abuses. These challenges require thoughtful and deliberate solutions. UVM students in this course will understand and appreciate that world issues are not isolated but in fact interwoven. Students develop knowledge and understanding of complex issues through case studies, lectures with leading faculty, films and discussions with global thought leaders, company visits and group projects.


Chyi-Lyi Liang ()


Dates: July 6-July 17 on campus; July 18-July 31 online; Non-residential High School students only; Continuing Education Dean's Office Permission only, please contact 802-656-2085; Cross listed with CDAE 095 Z1

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Section Description

Welcome to 2015 UVM summer course, CDAE 95 Leadership and Community Engagement! My name is Kathleen Liang (you can call me Dr. Liang). I will be your instructor in this class. You can find out my background and experience on my website: Our class is designed to be interactive and dynamic, beyond the traditional lectures and discussions. I hope you will enjoy this format of learning. Often we learn better when we are engaged in activities. The expectation is to develop each individual?s characteristics and skills to become successful leaders ? no matter what you decide to do in your career. Each enrolled student must attend all class sessions and participate in all class activities to receive full credits. There are two textbooks required for this course, and they are both available from Please buy these two books before you come to my class. We will use both books in class. 1. Turn the Ship Around!: A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders May 16, 2013 by L. David Marquet and Stephen R. Covey 2. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action Dec 27, 2011 by Simon Sinek Here is a list of extra reading materials that you can find online or at your libraries. Please read at least two of them before we meet in July (you can choose any two items to read, and keep good notes about key points in each reading). These are good examples of how scientists define leadership and community engagement in different fields: 1. Rural Communities: Legacy and Change, by Cornelia Flora and Jan Flora, available on or at local library. 2. Culture, Leadership, and Organizations, available at 3. What makes an effective leader? Available at 4. On effective leadership, available at 5. Principles of Community Engagement, available at I would like to know you better before we meet. Please send me a message (CLIANG@UVM.EDU) to include - 1. Your name 2. Your current school and year 3. Your interest, hobby, etc. 4. Why you signed up to take this class 5. What you expect to learn from the course 6. Any activities about community service, volunteer, services, etc. 7. How you learned about this course 8. if you will design a project to work with a community organization, what organization you will choose, and what activities you will propose to do for/with this organization - it can be a fundraising, or clean up community garden, or plant more trees in neighborhood, etc. I really look forward to seeing you! Sincerely Chyi Lyi (Kathleen) Liang Kathleen Liang, PhD 802 656 0754

Section Expectation

Tentative Schedule (Field Trips will be arranged upon confirming appointments with sites) Day 1 Get to Know Each Other Leadership 001 ? Importance and Implications Design My Own Idea for Community Service and Leadership Training Day 2 Share My Ideas ? Individual Presentation From an Idea to Reality ? Planning and Organization, Community Mapping (trip) Day 3 Share My Progress ? Individual Presentation From Planning to Management ? Resources (financial and non-financial) Basic Resource Management Training Day 4 Field Trips ? Visiting Community Leaders Day 5 Share My Report ? Individual Presentation From Resources to Real Work ? Responsibilities and Tasks Leadership and Communication Day 6 Respond to Risks and Challenges Team Management and Conflict Resolution Day 7 Leadership in a Global Perspective Career Path, Personal Goals, and Resume Development Day 8 Share My Project ? Outcome Report, Individual Presentation Learning Reflection and Assessment


20% participation (required) 20% assignment 20% presentation 20% interaction and engagement 20% professionalism


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