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Honors College: Aesthetics of Live Performance

HCOL 185 TR1 (CRN: 60868)

3 Credit Hours

HCOL 185 TR1 is a travel-study program.

Travel-study courses use a specialized registration schedule and process. Visit the travel-study page to learn more.

About HCOL 185 TR1

Seminars for Honors College sophomores that are typically discussion based, writing intensive, and multidisciplinary. Course content may vary from year to year. Pre/co-requisite: Honors College Sophomore standing.


Natalie Neuert ()


Travel Study course to Yale University; Dates: June 15 - July 10, 2015 Travel Dates: June 17 - June 21 with pre and post work assigned accordingly. Program Fee: $549; Instructor Permission Required

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