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Sociology: Sociology of Sexualities

SOC 096 Z1 (CRN: 60808)

3 Credit Hours—Seats Available!

For crosslists see: GSWS 095 Z2

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Mary Burke ()


Dates: May 18 - June 12, 2015; Cross-listed with GSWS 095

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What is sexuality? What constitutes sex? How do we come to know ourselves as sexual beings? How do individuals develop attractions, make sexual choices, define and enact their own sexuality? What is social about sexuality, and how do social structures and institutions influence understandings of sexuality over time? These are some of the questions that will guide this introduction to the sociological study of sexualities. Though we may perceive sex/uality to be ?natural? and biologically driven, sex/uality is in fact largely shaped by social norms, values and expectations. Sexuality is more than personal or individual - it is socially constructed. In this course, we will explore how sexuality is constructed and examine theories, concepts, and cultural ramifications of a range of sexual practices and identities. We will interrogate central binaries such as male/female and heterosexual/homosexual, and explore a wide range of topics, including LGBTQ identities, socialization, queer politics, ?hooking up,? kink, polyamory and nonmonogamies, sex work, and sexual violence and consent. Our readings and discussions will be frank regarding the topic of sexualities, challenging you to develop a language for and comfort level with discussing a full range of sexual topics in the classroom in a respectful and articulate way. Thus, you should be able and willing to approach the material sociologically and to discuss it in an open-minded, thoughtful and respectful way. (A Few) Course Objectives ? To provide an overview of social theories and sociological research on the subject of sexualities ? To enable you to expand your intellectual understanding of sexualities ? To enable you to challenge taken-for-granted ?truths? about sexuality that you are confronted with in everyday life ? To strengthen your general sociological sophistication through several weeks of ?exercise? applying the sociological imagination to the subject of sexualities


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