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History: Vermont History

HST 184 OL1 (CRN: 60535)

3 Credit Hours

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About HST 184 OL1

Survey of Vermont history from early times to the present. Prerequisite: HST 011 or HST 012. Cross-listed with: VS 184.


Paul Searls ()


Dates: May 19-June 27, 2014


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Section Description

HST 184 is intended to introduce students to the major historical themes and questions that have shaped the state of Vermont over time. Our goal is to better understand Vermont as a physical entity, as an idea, and as an identity that is both shared and contested. Our course is about not only interactions between people, but also the interactions of people with their landscape, and with their ideological inheritance and traditions. The course is intended to provide students with a personal, usable appreciation of Vermont?s past that intimately informs the present.

Section Expectation

Readings comprising the book "Freedom and Unity" and academic articles, participation in online discussion, and a number of short papers.


Students will be evaluated on their participation in online discussion, and performance on their papers.


Course runs from to



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