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Mathematics: Fundamentals of Mathematics

MATH 052 OL1 (CRN: 60527)

3 Credit Hours—Seats Available!

About MATH 052 OL1

Emphasizing proofs, fundamental mathematical concepts and techniques are investigated within the context of number theory and other topics. theory. Credit not given for both 52 and 54. Prerequisite: MATH 021. Credit not given for both MATH 052 and MATH 054.


Catherine Bliss ()


DATES: June 30 - August 8, 2014

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In this course, we will emphasize proof writing and fundamental mathematical concepts, such as introductory number theory and set theory. Pre-requisite (or co-requisite): MATH 021 (Calculus 1)

Section Expectation

You are expected to login to the course 3-5 times/week and engage in the course activities, which include the discussion forums and homework activities. Virtual office hour attendance is optional. Required textbook: See the UVM bookstore or link to syllabus at


Discussion forums (20%): There are 4 forums throughout the course and these forum focus on specific topic related to the course content (e.g. "find the error in the proof"). For each forum, you are expected to make one initial post and at least two substantial replies. Homework assignments (80%): These are written assignments in which you will complete proofs or open-ended type questions. Work may be handwritten or typed. Homework will be submitted through If your work is handwritten, you will need access to either a scanner or a digital camera (e.g., a phone with camera).


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