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Philosophy: Introduction to Logic

PHIL 013 Z1 (CRN: 60507)

3 Credit Hours—Seats Available!

About PHIL 013 Z1

Study of the basic principles of deductive inference.


Michael Ashooh ()


Dates: May 19-June 13, 2014 Credit not awarded for more than one PHIL course below 100 except 013; Location: 70 South Prospect St rm 109

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This course is an introduction to logic. The ultimate goal of this course is to learn to reason more clearly and effectively in any situation, regarding any topic. Logic is a method for analyzing arguments, the backbone of good reasoning, to determine which are good and which are bad and why. To understand how we are able to make such judgments about the merits of various kinds of arguments, we will need to study fundamental logical concepts, techniques for applying these concepts to argument and a variety of logical devices and symbolic systems designed to make clear the underlying structure of arguments. We will learn the difference between validity and invalidity and why this distinction is important in appraising arguments, what a deductive argument is, what a sound argument is and why these notions matter. We will learn to apply some formal/symbolic techniques to appraising arguments. The successful student of this course will have learned how to use logic to reason more clearly and how to apply logical techniques to practical situations. They will also develop skills of logical analysis and evaluation of arguments.


Participation & classwork ? 200 pts: You must attend and participate in class. In order to be able to participate fully in class you must stay current with the readings assigned and the homework. We will be spending some time in class working on logic problems. Some of this will be collected and applied toward this grade. Study Exercises ? 250 pts: There will be homework assigned for each week. Homework will be discussed during class and we will work through some of the exercises together. Specific assignments will be made for each class, but see the course schedule for which assignments will be due for each week. Quizzes ? 250 pts: There will be 5 random quizzes worth 50 pts each. These will be multiple choice, true/false, short-answer, but mostly problem sets. These will be open note quizzes, but only notes ? no text or handouts. Final ? 300 pts: There will be a comprehensive final exam. Total points: 1000


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