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Professional Nursing: Health Assessment

PRNU 113 Z2 (CRN: 60476)

3 Credit Hours

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About PRNU 113 Z2

Through classroom and laboratory experiences, students learn to holistically assess and differentiate healthy from at-risk or altered findings of clients in a variety of settings. Prerequisites: ANPS 019, NFS 043, HDFS 005, PRNU 110. Pre/co-requisites: PRNU 111, PRNU 114, ANPS 020, MMG 065, MMG 101 or MLRS 054, MLRS 056.


Carol Buck-Rolland ()

Related Program

RN to BS Program


Dates: June 15 - July 10, 2015; Prereqs: ANPS 019 and NFS 043 and HDFS 005 and PRNU 110; With an on campus full-time lab June 22 - June 26, 2015;; June 22-24-Given B207 & June 25 & 26 Rowell 234 & 237; Pre & Post work online; Open to NAT RN-BS majors only; Hospital-Sponsored RN-BS students only; Cross listed with PRNU 113 Z1; Total cross listed enrollment is 24

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