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Political Science: International Development

POLS 160 OL1 (CRN: 60366)

3 Credit Hours

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About POLS 160 OL1

Examination of theories defining the post-World War II development project, alternatives to the project, and their relevance to solving global development problems. Prerequisite: POLS 051.


Bradford Greene ()


Dates: June 29 - August 7, 2015; Prereq: POLS 051; Sophomore, Jrs and Srs only

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Section Description

Course description: International development is a challenge to our well-being and future place on the planet. The current model of international development, with its emphasis on production and consumption in a global market, is unsustainable. With growing concerns about the persistence of poverty and inequality and ecological degradation, a re-examination of the model is especially timely. The course will do the following: (1) clarify the concepts and theory of the development problem and proposed solutions; (2) review the shift from nationally led development to one served by the interests of international capital; (3) examine the approaches of the main unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral aid agencies; (4) study the impact of globalization on poverty, trade, finance, environment, and other challenges of development; (5) assess the limits of the economic growth model and speculate about alternatives.

Section Expectation

Students are expected to (1) review all Blackboard material by the first class; (2) participate in the daily class discussion on Blackboard; (3) write a 5-page book review paper; (4) in lieu of final exam write a 10-page research paper on the challenges of development on a finite planet; (5) read assigned readings before class discussion; (6) discuss three required films/videos; (7) monitor Blackboard announcements daily; (8) maintain an active e-mail account; (9) submit work by scheduled due dates; and (10) notify the instructor expeditiously of any issue that may affect his/her performance.


Students will be graded 25 percent for participation in Blackboard discussion topics, 40 percent for research paper, 20 percent for book review paper, and 15 percent for film critiques. Students will be penalized one full grade for assignments submitted late without prior approval of the instructor.


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