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Statistics: Basic Statistical Methods

STAT 141 OL2 (CRN: 60094)

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About STAT 141 OL2

Foundational course for students taking further quantitative courses. Exploratory data analysis, probability distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing. Introductory regression, experimentation, contingency tables, and nonparametrics. Computer software used. Prerequisites: Minimum Sophomore standing.


Kevin Beard ()

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Pre-Master of Accountancy


Dates: June 29 - August 7, 2015

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Section Description

Description: Basic Statistical Methods provides an introduction to basic statistical concepts and methods, with an emphasis placed on developing a thorough understanding of terminology, concepts and ideas. The goal of this course is for students to become statistically literate and learn how to apply this knowledge in diverse situations while providing the necessary foundation for their future study of statistics. Statistical software is used. Learning Goals 1. To learn how to describe and explore sets of data both numerically and graphically. 2. To learn the normal model for the distribution of a single variable and the linear regression model for the relationship between two variables. 3. To learn the basic ideas of good experimental design and good sampling design 4. To learn the fundamental ideas of statistical inference for means and proportions including both hypothesis testing and confidence intervals 5. To learn how to interpret confidence intervals and P-values in the context of real problems. 6. To learn how to be critical consumers of statistical studies reported in the media

Section Expectation

As a 6 week online course then material will need to be mastered quickly. Students should expect to work 8-12 hours per week on class material. Students will also be required to access and participate on the course Blackboard page throughout each week. There will be live, on-line office hours.


Grades will be determined through HW, discussion board participation, online "class activities" and computer labs using JMP software. There will be a proctored Midterm and Final Exams. Proctored exams can be taken on campus at a the designated time or through ProctorU, an online proctoring service.


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