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STAFF COUNCIL - Serving as a voice and advocate for all staff at UVM since 1971

Staff Council Committees

The Staff Council has four standing committees (Compensation, Benefits, & Budget; Personal and Professional Development; Outreach; Social), an executive board, and a nominating committee. With the exception of the executive and nominating committees, membership is open to all non-represented staff members*, faculty, retirees, and students. You do not need to be an elected Staff Council Representative to participate. Staff Council Representatives are required to participate on at least one standing Committee. If you would like to participate on a committee, please fill out the Committee Membership Application.

Simply click on a committee heading below and you will be redirected to a separate page which contains membership lists, meeting schedules, agendas, minutes, and projects for each committee.

For more information on committees contact the Staff Council Office at 656-4493 or

Four Standing Committees

Other Staff Council Committees

  • Executive Board - The Executive Board shall consist of the Staff Council President, Vice president, Immediate Past President, the standing committee chairpersons and vicechairpersons, and two additional members elected annually by the Staff Council from among its regular membership. In the event that a committee chairperson cannot attend, s/he may choose to send a member of his/hercommittee to serve in his /her place.
  • Nominating Committee - The Nominating Committee shall receive nominations for the offices of Staff Council President and Vice President, shall establish and communicate procedures and deadlines for receipt of nominations, shall investigate each of the nominees to determine whether s/he is willing and qualified to serve, and shall present the qualified nominees to the University for the purpose of election.
* Although the Staff Council serves as the voice and advocate for all staff, it does not have the same function as Collective Bargaining Units to which some members of the UVM staff belong. Those staff  who belong to UE Local 267are not permitted to participate in Staff Council  at the request of  their union.

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