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Post-Retirement Medical Benefits

The review of Post-Retirement Medical Benefits by the University Benefits Advisory Council (UBAC) concerned many staff and retirees. Staff Council fully understood the importance of this issue to the entire UVM community and the very real impact changes to this benefit could have on all of us. We know that many staff have continued to serve the University because of the promise of Post-Retirement Medical Benefits and have planned for their future around previously established rules on retirement ages and years of service. While decisions have been made about Post-Retirement Medical Benefits, there are still lingering questions and concerns.

Employees and retirees who are informed, included, and respected during these processes are employees and retirees who will remain loyal to the University and its future. We cannot lose sight of the fact that we want to retain quality employees who are important to the continued success of UVM. 

Staff Council has and continues to advocate directly to the Administration on the need for more commmunication and outreach on the change sto Post-Retirement Medical Benefits.

Post-Retirement Medical Benefits (PRMB) Website

This website provides information on determinations that have been made about Post-Retirement Medical Benefits. It includes key priniciples, frequently asked questions, eligibility statements, and other links to information that address planning for retirement. Further question or concerns can be sent to

If you have specfic questions regarding your own eligibility and are thinking about retirement, please contact an Human Resource Services at 656-3150 to make an appointment with an Employee Advisor.

Those who have retirement saving account(s) through the University should also call their plan provider(s) and set up a time to discuss their financial future.

University Benefits Advisory Council (UBAC) Website on Post-Retirement Medical Benefits

This website provides information on the reasons why Post-Retirement Medical Benefits are being reviewed at UVM and explains the specifics around GASB 45. There is also reference to President Fogel's Report to the board of Trustees on October 29, 2010 where he made 5 points on the Post-Retirement Medical Benefits issue.

UBAC Advisory Report

The UBAC submitted its advisory report to President Fogel in early October 2010. You can review the advisory report here.
If you questions on the report, you can email the UBAC directly at

Staff Council Communications on Post-Retirement Medical Benefits

Staff and Retiree Comments

Are you concerned about potential changes to Post-Retirement Medical Benefits? Not sure about what benefits are going to be reviewed? Have a comment, question, concern, and/or suggestion?

Although you can now send your comments and questions about the review of Post-Retirement Medical Benefits directly to the UBAC at you can still contact the Staff Council with your concerns. Names and identifying information will remain confidential, but your comments will be sent to members of the Administration and the University Benefits Advisory Council on a regular basis throughout this review.

You can contact the Staff Council about your concerns on Post-Retirement Medical Benefits by email at or through our contact sheet vehicle here: The more we hear from you the better we can advocate on your behalf.

We appreciate hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to make us aware of how this issue impacts you.

University Benefits Advisory Council (UBAC) Members

Staff Council Representatives

  • Debra Stern, Office Program Support Genl, COM Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
  • Kelly Circe, Office Program Support Sr., CESS Dean’s Office

Staff Retiree Representative

  • Deane Dudley, Retired UVM Staff, ETS

For a full list of members, please refer to the UBAC webpage here.


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